Fast Patrol Boat Built for the Coast Guard Launched


The first of the ARES 35 FPB fast patrol boats built by Ares Shipyard for the Coast Guard was launched.

In his post on the Ares Shipyard Twitter account, it was announced that the first outpost boat was launched in the largest shipbuilding project consisting of the construction of 122 boats. Coastal Services Security fast patrol boats, which will be 105 by the Commander Islands Sea as well as to be used in all territorial waters of Turkey. ARES 35 FPB is a fast patrol boat developed by Ares Shipyard for the Coast Guard Command.

It will be produced for the first time

In February 2018, the Control Boat Project Tender Announcement was published on the official website of the Defense Industry Presidency (then undersecretariat). Within the scope of the project, it was announced that 105 Control Boats would be procured in line with the need for the Coast Guard Command. It was decided to award the tender, for which 5 companies received a call for proposals, to Ares Shipyard. ARES 35 FPB control boats, which will be produced for the first time for the Coast Guard Command and can reach a speed of 35 nautical miles per hour, will be used in the Black Sea, Marmara and Mediterranean as well as the Aegean Sea and will fight more effectively against smuggling.

Control boats, which are expected to be able to intervene in all legal incidents at sea as well as human trafficking, will be deployed mainly in the ports of small towns. No permanent personnel will be assigned to the control boats, they will be used by the coast guard and gendarmerie teams of the region if needed.

ARES 35 FPB is a patrol boat that has proven itself with its extraordinary speed capability of over 35 knots and sea keeping features suitable for harsh environmental conditions. It is designed and built for irregular migration, search and rescue, fight against human trafficking and security.

Source: defenceturk

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