Fear of intimacy sabotages relationships

Saying that people who keep themselves away from an emotional and physical relationship experience may be experiencing intimacy fear, Uzm. Kl. Psk. Yücel Tuluk points out that the reason for this situation may lie in the person's past.

To address a fear, we must recognize that fear and acknowledge the existence of that fear. Fear of intimacy is a life experience that many people go through, but many of them are not aware of. Saying that fear of intimacy, sometimes called social phobia, can be defined as keeping away from an emotional or physical relationship experience, DoctorTakvimi.com experts. Kl. Psk. Yücel Tuluk tells about the ways to overcome the fear of intimacy.

The cause of the fear may be past

Exp. Kl. Psk. Tuluk underlines that people who fear intimacy usually want to have intimacy, and may even have intense intellectual fantasies about showing intimacy. However, most of the zamUzm pointed out that the moment he distanced himself from others and even had a relational experience that sabotaged his relationships. Kl. Psk. Tuluk said, “Although the fear of intimacy in relationships sometimes arises due to a traumatic event, it is an extension of the personality that is generally formed by environmental and vital experiences in the first years of life. Past life experiences have a huge impact on current life. However, this situation does not have to continue like this. With a little effort, you can work to understand the past and create more functional ways of defining and communicating your needs. As a result, you can have satisfying, sincere relationships. "

Exp. Kl. Psk. Tuluk lists his suggestions for people who fear intimacy as follows;

Discover why you keep people away from you: There may be different reasons for keeping people away from you emotionally. For example; You may not be getting closer to people because of your past and disappointing relationship experiences, growing up in a family environment devoid of intimacy, authoritarian parental attitudes, or lack of support for the development of autonomy. Whatever the reason, you need to resolve this situation in order to progress in a healthy way.

Be close to your feelings and reveal yourself: Doing this will probably make you feel a little uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first. You can think of this as an exercise. Start where it feels easiest to you. For example, when someone says "How are you", you can say, "I'm feeling a little bored or a little anxious today" instead of saying "I'm fine".

Prioritize your relationships: If you fear intimacy, you probably zamYour realm is full of other jobs. You may be focused on your job or you are after individual hobbies that bring you pleasure. You may even devote yourself to a sport. Relationships are central to having a happy and well-rounded life. Try to focus as much as possible on your relationships.

Increase physical contact in your relationships: Keep an eye on your relationship and the relationships of others. People with strong emotional bonds touch each other. It is necessary to touch each other and build trust in order to constantly increase emotional intimacy a little. Stay away from exaggerated and unrealistic contact. Because when the intimacy between two people is lost and walls are built in between, these situations become more difficult to overcome.

Get support from an expert: Your relationship with another is a reflection of the world and your relationship with yourself. To establish stronger connections with life, you must understand your past life and rebuild your own reality. One of the best ways to achieve this is through psychotherapy support. Remember, trying to navigate a broken system can cause you to miss many opportunities in life.

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