A Good Night's Sleep is Essential for Solid Immunity!

Emphasizing the importance of getting a night's sleep to protect and strengthen the immune system during the pandemic period, experts recommend a good night's sleep. Noting that working from home changes many habits, experts state that one should sleep at most one hour during the day in order to have a healthy night sleep. According to experts, heavy meals should be avoided in the evening and all work should be stopped for at least a few hours before falling asleep comfortably.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Barış Metin shared important information about night sleep, which is very important for donation during the pandemic process.

The ideal night's sleep should not be interrupted

Stating that the ideal sleep time will differ from person to person, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin noted that normal human sleep can vary between 6 and 12 hours. Stating that the ideal sleep time cannot be mentioned, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin warned, "However, in ideal sleep, the person should wake up in the morning rested and the night sleep should not be interrupted."

If there is a problem falling asleep at night, daytime sleep should be interrupted.

Stating that physiologically, we are sleepy around 12 noon, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin stated that taking a shortcut that does not exceed an hour at this moment is considered physiological. Reminding that many countries have sleep permits called sieasta, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin emphasized that sleep exceeding one hour and spreading over the afternoon is harmful as it will disrupt the night's sleep.

"If there is a problem of falling asleep at night, daytime sleep should be interrupted first," said Prof. Dr. Barış Metin said, “The person may not be able to sleep at night because he gets his need for daytime sleep. Especially in individuals over 70, sleeping during the day can restrict sleep at night since the need for sleep is short ”.

Stop working a few hours before sleep

Stating that stress-induced sleep disorders are common, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin noted that excessive stress usually manifests itself as being unable to fall asleep.

Stating that anxiety disorder is also quite common in individuals with extreme stress, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin continued as follows: “It is recommended that individuals who experience excessive stress in business and life stop working a few hours before falling asleep and avoid applications that provide information about stressful events such as e-mail and social media.

Sleep is necessary for the immune system to be strong

Underlining that night sleep is very important for the effective functioning of the immune system, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin stated that in order for the immune system to be strong, especially during the corona epidemic, it should be supported with a good sleep.

Working from home has also changed sleeping habits.

Emphasizing that daytime sleep can be done provided that it does not interfere with night sleep, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin, “The most common sleep problem we see is not being able to sleep at night. The most important reason for this is waking up late in the morning. Working from home has changed many of our habits. People went to bed late at night and woke up late in the morning. "The second most important problem is the difficulty falling asleep due to anxiety."

Listen to these tips for sleep hygiene

Prof. Dr. Barış Metin listed his recommendations to prevent sleep loss as follows: “It is necessary to pay attention to the rules we call sleep hygiene. These include not drinking stimulant tea and coffee after dinner, not eating heavily at dinner, not snacking before going to sleep, not using devices such as tablet phones in bed.

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