TAI and TRMOTOR to Develop Native Power Unit for National Combat Aircraft


Development activities of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project carried out by the SSB continue. TAI and TRMOTOR signed a new protocol to develop domestic power units.

SSB President Demir: "Our domestic and national industry will power MMU, our plane will fly freely in the sky"

The development activities of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project, which will make our country one of the few countries with 5th generation warplanes, carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB), are continuing. TAI, the main contractor of the project, had previously agreed with local companies for investments such as wind tunnel and lightning test facility, and a framework contract was signed with TRMOTOR for the engine development of the aircraft.

As part of the project, a protocol was signed with TRMOTOR for the development of the aircraft's domestic power units. TAI has agreed with TRMOTOR company for the development of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Air Turbine Start System (ATSS) solutions that will be needed within the scope of the MMU project that will come out of the hangar for the first time in 2023, thus, left the stage behind.

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made the following statement on the subject: “National development of the subsystems of our National Combat Aircraft plays an important role in our goal of full independence in critical technologies. Our national industry will power MMU, our plane will fly freely in the sky. I wish success to TUSAŞ, TRMOTOR and all our companies involved in the project. "

Making evaluations on the subject, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil: “National Combat Aircraft will not only meet the combat aircraft needs of our country. same as MMU zamIt will also bring all the structures necessary for us to produce new generation aircraft to our country and will act as a catalyst for the development of the aviation industry. The agreement we reached with TRMOTOR today will be an important step to open a new page in Turkey's aviation history. We are taking a new step for our domestic and national 5th generation warplane to gain a unique and domestic power. I wish good luck to all our nation, especially our defense industry," he said.

Making evaluations on behalf of TRMOTOR, TRMOTOR General Manager Dr. Osman Dur said, “Aircraft engines and power systems are very critical and indispensable technologies for our country in terms of technology and strategy. same zamcurrently in terms of material, design and production; requires critical savings in terms of human resources and technology. With this awareness, TRMOTOR was established to develop original aircraft engines with design capabilities, while continuing to work on the MMU original engine, on the other hand, it started APU and ATSS development projects today. Turkey, this zamWith its human resources, engineering and consultancy firms, universities and international collaborations, it has the power to have these technologies. With the National Space Program announced this week, studies in the field of aviation, satellite and space will also accelerate and strengthen the development of these technologies. No doubt about it! We will have completely independent, domestic and national engines in aircraft, as in satellite, space and land vehicles.

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