Early Adolescence is More Common in Girls


Experts emphasize that early adolescence is seen at 5 in 10-1 thousand in childhood, is more common in girls, and is more associated with diseases such as intracranial tumors in boys.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Child Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Yektaş made important evaluations regarding the early adolescence period.

Genetic factors are an important factor in early puberty

Stating that adolescence (adolescence) is defined as a developmental period that spans a long period of physical, hormonal, social and psychological changes, Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Yektaş continued her words as follows:

“Puberty, which is defined as the period in which sexual development and reproductive functions are acquired, is a development period corresponding to a shorter period of time, with the development of physical maturation, neuroendocrine changes and accompanying secondary sex characters. Pubertal development does not progress at the same pace in all children. We can talk about many factors affecting development. The most important of these may be genetic factors, but apart from this, some environmental conditions, social and cultural level, socio-economic situation, cultural stimulation, nutrition, low birth weight, obesity, the presence of chronic diseases, some neuroendocrine disruptors and frequent contact with chemicals At the outset, it appears as important environmental conditions. "

Whether it is early or late varies by gender

Stating that development can occur in early or late stages due to gender differences in boys and girls, Yektaş said, “However, early adolescence is manifested by the onset of breast development before the age of 8 in girls and the growth of testicular volume before the age of 9 in boys and an earlier physical developmental process. emerges as a problem with which it was drawn back to the period. These changes actually mean the acceleration of physical growth and development. U of height and extremitieszam"Achieving the bone age to a higher level and skeletal development appear as early signs of puberty," he said.

It is more common in girls

Noting that early adolescence is seen in 5-10 thousand in childhood, Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Yektaş said, “In fact, it is more common in girls than boys. The causal situations in girls cannot be identified much. For this reason, it is considered as idiopathic. When seen in boys, intracranial tumors or tumors located in the abdomen that secrete sex hormones can cause problems.

Specialist should be consulted at the first difference in the early period.

Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Yektaş stated that physical changes that started in the early period should be consulted as soon as the parents or the environment are noticed, and said, “The child should be directed to an endocrinologist or a clinic working on this subject. Actually, this will be the first and most important action to be taken with the child. Detailed evaluations about the child in the process require a multidisciplinary approach. It is very important not only to make the hormone profile of the child or to follow up the physical changes, but also to evaluate the difficulties or difficulties that accompany it, and to definitely review how the child makes sense of these changes. "It is also of great importance to inform the parents clearly about the issue and to alleviate their concerns."

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