Fear of Covid-19 Increased Dental Problems

generally neglected oral health issues in Turkey, has become even more problematic with the pandemic. Anadolu Medical Center Dentist Arzu Tekkeli, who stated that the patients became more afraid of dentistry, which is a branch of study in the oral environment, with the fear of Covid-19, said, “People started to disrupt their treatment and control due to the fear of pandemics. Accordingly, especially tooth and gum problems progressed rapidly, ”he said.

Anadolu Health Center Dentist Arzu Tekkeli, who pointed out that problems related to dental health during the pandemic process, especially existing small caries grow or new caries occur, said, “After tooth loss, bone loss has increased since the missing place cannot be filled with implant or bridge prosthesis and intra-oral balance. broken. The patients even chose to quit their unfinished treatments, which made the situation worse, ”he said.

The highest level of sterilization measures are applied

In clinics before Covid-19 and after Covid-19, zamUnderlining that the highest level of sterilization measures are applied at the moment, Dentist Arzu Tekkeli said, “After each patient, all equipment in the room is disinfected and the rooms are cleaned with a special ULV device. In addition to this, we kept the patient appointments short and extended the intervals between the patients. We started to query the HES code by measuring fever with thermal cameras at the entrance of the hospital. As physicians, we increased the number of protective equipment. We operate with special masks, glasses and surgical gowns. We believe that we should protect ourselves as much as we should protect the patients ”.

Avoid unhealthy snacks at home and junk food in front of TV.

Noting that the pandemic process has turned into a period where you can spend long time at home and have snacks in front of TV, Dentist Arzu Tekkeli said, “My advice to our patients is: Try not to break their routine eating habits. Avoid unhealthy snacks and junk food in front of TV. They should definitely brush their teeth twice a day after breakfast and after dinner. "Those who like to benefit from natural, herbal supplements can get help from plants such as clove, parsley and sage."

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