The Number of ASELSAN Approved R&D Centers Increased to 7

In the monthly bulletin of ASELSAN February 2021, the Micro-Electronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Sector Presidency announced that the MGEO-2 R&D Center has come into operation.

Currently operating under the Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities, ASELSAN has six R&D centers approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Five of the R&D centers were operating under the Sector Presidencies and one under the R&D Management Vice Presidency. More than 5 R&D personnel are employed in the aforementioned R&D Centers.

ASELSAN moved its system design laboratories and production infrastructures to the AKYURT-2 campus with the relevant personnel working in guidance and unmanned system projects due to the growing business volume and increasing number of projects in the Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector Presidency. In order for approximately 120 employees with the status of R&D Personnel to continue to benefit from R&D Center incentives, an R&D center document application was made for the second campus in question.

Following the application evaluation process, the document application was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the decision taken at the Evaluation and Audit Committee Meeting held on January 12, 2021. With this decision, the Micro-Electronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Sector Presidency MGEO-7 R&D Center, which is the 2th R&D Center of ASELSAN, officially became operational.

Company employing the most R&D personnel

Made by Turkish Time "Turkey's R & D Expenditures Top 250 Companies" According to the research, R & D projects, the number of continuing its open call first ASELSAN, took first place in the list with 620 projects. In terms of R&D employees, ASELSAN maintains its position as the company employing the most R&D personnel. ASELSAN; It is known for uniquely developing critical technological capabilities with its own engineering staff, applying the most advanced technologies in its products, and regularly investing in sustainable R&D. ASELSAN continues its activities in three main campuses in Ankara with more than 59 thousand employees, 8% of which are engineers.

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