PSA Factory in Czechia Passes Under Toyota's Control

Toyota will start production of new race in cekya
Toyota will start production of new race in cekya

As a result of the cooperation between Toyota and PSA Group that started in 2002, all shares of the TPCA factory, which carried out joint production, were purchased by Toyota. Thus, Kolin production facility in Czechia became a part of Toyota Motor Europe. Toyota same zamIt has now invested more than 4 billion kronor in the production facility and has expanded and modernized it. With this investment, Toyota will begin production of the new Toyota Yaris, including hybrid technology, in the second half of 2021 to meet the growing demand.

With the opening ceremony, corporate identity studies were completed at the facility, which was named "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic". The factory, called TMMCZ by 2021, has been producing A-segment models, including Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 2005 and Citroën C108, since 1. In the statement made, it was reported that Toyota will continue to continue these productions.

The factory, which provides the largest employment in the region with 3500 employees, zamis currently known for making great contributions in the last 15 years by supporting social responsibility projects in the Kolin region.

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