Automotive Industry Giant BMC Chooses Cisco for Digital Transformation

The giant of the automotive industry chose cisco for bmc digital transformation
The giant of the automotive industry chose cisco for bmc digital transformation

BMC Automotive, which manufactures a wide range of vehicles from trucks to buses, from tracked military vehicles to tactical wheeled vehicles, has managed to remain operational during the pandemic period and carried its security infrastructure to a standard in line with the requirements of the era thanks to the digital transformation it realized with Cisco products and solutions.

BMC Automotive, which has been a pioneer in the Turkish automotive industry for more than 50 years and offers products to domestic and international markets, adapts to the changing appearance and expectations of the sector with integrated and simplified Cisco solutions.

BMC Automotive, a company specializing in various transportation solutions for individuals, organizations and military institutions, manufactures a wide range of vehicles from trucks to buses, from tracked military vehicles to tactical wheeled vehicles. With more than 3.500 employees and a production capacity of more than 12.500 units per year, the company, one of the leading actors in the industry, has pushed the button for the goal of advancing modernization and digital transformation in all areas from sales cycles to R&D, following the change in management five years ago. Moreover, this change had to be made in all three companies under BMC.

Acting as a long-term solution partner

Another challenge is that since BMC Automotive serves many different customers, many of its functions are managed separately. For example, the security required by the R&D team for bus and truck production is very different from the security it needs for armored vehicle production. The development and sales processes for each of the vehicles are different from the business-to-business needs of trucks and buses. It was extremely difficult to create a simple system.

During this process, 3 main subjects were focused:

  • To improve the current work habits of the employees.
  • To increase productivity by combining all systems in a safe and compatible architecture.
  • Automating as many of these systems as possible.

BMC, whose network and security infrastructure consists of Cisco components, has decided to continue its cooperation with Cisco, which has the necessary tools, customer services and technical knowledge to overcome a project of this size in the digital transformation process.

To minimize the operational burden during the pandemic process

Many companies around the world have become inoperable during the corona virus pandemic. BMC, on the other hand, laid the foundations of working remotely through digital transformation, and this foundation has greatly benefited in extending the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). On the other hand, like many companies, BMC faced the fact that it was not safe to work in huge facilities with hundreds of employees and switched to the remote working model in the widest possible form. Thanks to the investment in Cisco servers and virtual machines, 500 engineers were quickly connected from home. many companies in Turkey and worldwide, while forced to stop production, BMC engineers continued to work online.

In addition, critical disaster recovery systems have also been moved online and a great improvement has been achieved. While the downtime rate was around 3% before digitization, this rate dropped to 0.3% after the digital transformation. This is an important indicator of the efficiency provided by Cisco's VDI solution.

"Cisco is a strategic partner that thinks about the future"

Serdar Erdem, BMC Group Information Technologies Director, said about the cooperation with Cisco: “We have signed a strategic partnership with Cisco, who thinks of the future as much as we do. Thanks to the integration between our existing Cisco security products, the high visibility of everything running on the network has increased the security level of our infrastructure. Thanks to Cisco DNA Center's Stealthwatch and ISE integration, we can quickly find a vulnerability without manually searching the system for hours. Today, BMC Automotive, has the largest area of ​​Cisco VDI server infrastructure power in Turkey. The Catalyst 3K network switches we use for our network environment and the VxBlock we use for our SAP systems are powered by Cisco UCS. Thanks to our end-to-end Cisco portfolio and Cisco DNA Center, we can control our entire infrastructure from a single screen. Our operations are now automated as safely as possible. ”

"We are with them with our innovations"

Cisco Turkey General Manager Didem Duru also emphasized the importance of the cooperation structures BMC Otomotiv'l, "to remain competitive and to provide the latest products and services to consumers, to adopt the digital conversion process, no longer took the other one imperative of choice for companies. As Cisco, our vision is to support them in this journey with our innovations and solutions and to enable them to maximize customer satisfaction. We are delighted to play such a role in the transformation process of BMC Otomotiv, which is a pioneer in its sector ”.

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