Hot Chemotherapy Prolongs Quality and Duration of Life

General Surgery Specialist Op.Dr. İsmail Özsan said that scientific studies conducted in the USA, the Netherlands and Japan revealed that 'Hot Chemotherapy' treatment (HIPEC), which is applied in addition to normal chemotherapy, increases the quality and duration of life of patients.

General Surgery Specialist Op.Dr. İsmail Özsan said, “Hot chemotherapy is the latest technology that can kill very small cancer cells and help the treatment of cancer patients a lot. zamIt is a form of treatment that we frequently prefer at times. This treatment method, originally named "HIPEC-Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy"; "It is a method we can use in stomach, intestine, ovarian, hedwiton cancers and peritoneal cancers, and it is applied after the tumor is removed."

Increases Life Time

Stating that hot chemotherapy is applied after the tumor is removed, Op.Dr. Özsan, “The difference of treatment from classical chemotherapy; to reach smaller cells faster. In this respect, it is a method that provides a lot of plus in treatment ”. Stating that hot chemotherapy increases the life span of patients, including the fourth stage patients, Op.Dr. Özsan said, “Hot chemotherapy is a form of treatment that increases the patient's quality of life and duration. After hot chemotherapy, it has been observed that the life expectancy of the patient is doubled. However, not every patient can receive this treatment. Patients can be treated with warm chemotherapy after undergoing certain medical examinations. For this reason, it is the right thing to do it by specialist physicians ”.

Destroys Microscopic Cancer Cells

"Warm chemotherapy, which is a hope for cancer treatment applied in uterine and colon cancer surgery, is much more effective than standard chemotherapy for colorectal and peritoneal cancer types," said Dr. Özsan said, “Cytoreductive surgery is the application of cancer drugs heated at 42 degrees into the abdomen with the help of a device and hand after cleaning all visible tumors. It is a concentrated treatment that aims to destroy microscopic cancer cells. It minimizes the side effects the body is exposed to with standard chemotherapy. This method of treatment allows the administration of the maximum and most effective dose of medication. Before applying Hipek, the patient should be evaluated carefully and whether it is suitable for this treatment. "The age of the patient, general health status and the stage of the cancer are also among the important criteria in the evaluation."

Source: BSHA

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