Fire Management Device and Modernized Towed Gun Delivery


Within the scope of the 29mm Air Defense System Modernization (HSSM) and Particle Ammunition Supply (PMT) Project contract signed between ASELSAN and the Defense Industry Presidency on December 2017, 35, deliveries of four to tenth deliveries were completed in various regions of the country.

Under difficult conditions, the delivery, which was completed as a result of the work of ASELSAN personnel, added strength to the low altitude air defense force of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Fire Management Device (AIC): The AIC system is an air defense system developed for effective air defense of critical facilities and fixed military units. The AIC system undertakes the firing and command control of the 35 mm towed air defense guns modernized by ASELSAN and the Low Altitude Air Defense Missile Launching System (HİSAR-A FFS), also developed by ASELSAN within the scope of the HİSAR project.

35mm Modernized Towed Gun (MÇT): With the modernization works carried out, all electronic sub-components of the 35 mm towed air defense guns in the TSK inventory are renewed; These guns are put into use as an effective low altitude air defense weapon using current technology. Within the scope of modernization studies, the guns are equipped with the ability to fire Particle Ammunition and it is ensured that the firing and command controls of the cannons are carried out by the Fire Management Device.

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