Clean-Energy Vehicle Sales In China Increased By 30 Percent

Clean-energy vehicle sales in Ghana increased%
Clean-energy vehicle sales in Ghana increased%

The number of new (clean) energy cars registered in China reached 2020 million at the end of 30, an increase of 4,92 percent compared to the previous year, as determined by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security data.

There is a rapid growth in the number of clean-energy vehicles of this type that buy new license plates in China. Indeed, in each of the last three years, one million vehicles of this type have been given a new license plate number.

Currently, new types of energy-powered vehicles correspond to 281 percent of the 1,75 million cars in traffic throughout the country. 81,32 percent of the new type of energy-powered vehicles are pure electric vehicles.

On the other hand, according to the data of the said ministry, 2020 more cities were added to the number of Chinese cities with more than one million registered cars on their roads, and their number reached 4.

Source: China International Radio

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