Prayer to Mehmetciks Participating in Eren Bülbül's Operations From Her Mother


Martyr Eren Bülbül's mother, Ayşe Bülbül sent prayers and messages from Trabzon.

Our Minister, Mr. Süleyman Soylu “We said that we will not leave the Terrorist Organization alone in the caves this winter. We took the spirituality of our martyr Eren Bülbül with us and added his courage to our courage. The mother of the martyr Eren Bülbül expressed her feelings about the Eren Operations, which was announced to the public after the statement “We started Eren Operations from Tendürek”.

Mother Ayşe Bülbül reminded that these operations will not bring her son Eren back and said, “Eren's pain will not make me forget, but they still sprinkle water on my heart with these operations. It makes me proud as a mother that they don't forget my baby. Because the courage my little one showed here is unforgettable. Even I couldn't do what he did at age 15. Remember him, our Turkey. My child was also martyred for his homeland ”.

Mother Bülbül, who sent a prayer and a message to the soldiers in the operation from her house in Trabzon, said, “God, let them not touch their feet to stones, even their noses. Let them not leave my baby's blood on the ground. May God give them long lives. My prayers are with them. May God forgive them to their families. They should not leave the blood of not only Eren but all our martyrs on the ground. 3,5 years seems like 50 years to me. What a sin did these mothers of martyrs. "I send lots of greetings and love to our Mehmetciks, who do not leave the blood of our martyrs."

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