How Does Oral and Dental Health Affect Psychology?


Dentist Ayça Tenli Kurt stated that in a period when people are psychologically affected by the pandemic process, mouth and dental problems also shake the psychology and make people unhappy.

Emphasizing that oral and dental health has a very important place in established relationships, Chief Physician KURT said, “Especially the bad appearance in our teeth causes us to avoid communicating with people and triggers our loneliness by affecting our smile”.

Emphasizing that individuals who are hesitant to go to the dentist due to reasons and concerns such as fear of going out during the pandemic period, dental clinics can be dangerous, and somehow my smile does not appear, it is observed that individuals who are hesitant to go to the dentist and who do not go to the dentist are observed to have more negative pictures when the dental problems they experience are added; He stated that if necessary precautions are taken, dentist controls should not be interrupted.

In addition to all these, Dentist KURT reminded that physical and psychological health is a whole, they are both highly affected by each other and that if they are neglected, some health problems may occur, and reminded that they should be examined regularly.

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