LeasePlan Turkey esnekplan Short Term Car Rental Service Launches

LeasePlan turkey launched the short-term car rental services
LeasePlan turkey launched the short-term car rental services

LeasePlan Turkey, the companies benefiting from all the advantages of operational leasing, which allows to make short-term lease began esnekpl service. esnekpl that with LeasePlan Turkey's large pool of tools that can select the tool in the language in which the segment companies will have the opportunity to make a fixed monthly lease rent. FlexiblePlan, which starts with a lease period of at least 1 month, can make a refund without paying any fee when the vehicle need of the companies is over.

LeasePlan, one of the largest fleet leasing companies in the world, managing a huge fleet of vehicles in five continents and more than 30 countries, has implemented its new service, FlexiblePlan, which enables short-term leasing. LeasePlan to the changing needs of businesses of all sizes offered by Turkey to respond quickly esnekpl that, starting from 1 month and allows the operational leasing services at the time in multiples thereof. esnekpl services with LeasePlan Turkey's large car pool vehicle in choosing the most appropriate segment of the needs of companies, you can do with a fixed monthly lease rent. In this service, which starts with a minimum lease period of 1 month, when the needs of the companies are over, the return process is carried out without paying any early return fee.

LeasePlan Turkey General Manager in the assessment on the subject Türkay Oktay, "today's conditions of increased flexibility and the need for instant esnekpl that our product can vary, and can quickly solve the needs of businesses that wish zamWe offer it as a solution that can terminate the rental service without facing an extra fee. FlexiblePlan, which we designed with over 50 years of experience in the field of operational leasing; It offers many operational services such as roadside assistance, replacement vehicle, tire, inspection, damage management, tax management with the convenience of monthly rental. LeasePlan digitalized and needs, especially during the epidemic that we live in Turkey, we will continue working towards reshaping our world. " used the expressions.

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