Stay fit with simple exercises that can be done at home

With the development of technology, many sectors began to be suitable for working from home. In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of people working from home. The number of people working from home has reached record levels, especially due to the coronavirus, which has affected the whole world recently. Although this process is temporary; It offered institutions the opportunity to experience working from home and to analyze the efficiency of this process. More and more industries can routinely make home-working systems routine nowadays.

Home working system; Although it offers advantages such as working at the hours you want with the clothes you want, staying in front of the computer for hours can have negative consequences for both your health and psychology in the long run. The way to prevent this is to act.

As a blog of İşbank, we have compiled for you the exercises that you can easily do on the days you work from home and work the part of your body you need.

Warm Up Before Starting Sports

Warming up is a preliminary work done to activate the body and activate the muscle and joint areas. To start sports without warming up; It may cause muscle injuries and unwanted situations such as injury.

As a warming action; You can walk for 3 minutes at a light pace where you are. This way, all your muscles are activated. Following the walk, you can perform a knee-lift movement for a period of 3 minutes. Thus; The legs, abdomen and hips will be prepared for training.

To prepare your upper body for sports; While walking on your floor for 2 minutes, slowly rotate your shoulders backwards.

Abdominal Exercises

The abdominal area is one of the areas that women complain about, especially. Even if you pay attention to your eating habits, sometimes the abdominal area can be genetically more prone to gaining weight. When inactivity is added to the genetic predisposition, it becomes necessary to make movements that will work the abdominal area.

Although the sit-up may sound like a tiring move, it is very useful for the abdominal area. Lying on a flat surface, support your neck area with your hands and squeeze your abdomen and hips and slowly rise up. You will soon notice the effects of the shuttle movement you will make 15 sets of 3 times.

Exercise Movements for Arms

One of the areas of the body that gain weight when immobilized is the arms. In addition, with the aging process, sagging of the arms also occurs and many people describe arm sagging as disturbing.

Circular arm opening movements; Ideal for tightening arms and preventing sagging. Stand in an upright position with your legs shoulder-width apart and open your arms to the sides and make your hands into fists. In this position, you can do 1 sets in 20 set of 10 repetitions with your arms clockwise.

Pushing and pulling exercises also prevent arm sagging. Open your legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bend your knees parallel to the floor. Raise your arms and bend your elbows to shoulder height. Imagine that you are pushing or pulling anything while doing this movement. So you can adapt to the movement much more easily. You can do this 1 times, with 20 set of 5 repetitions at the beginning. If you think that 5 sets are insufficient for you in the next period, you can increase the number of sets according to your performance.

Exercise Movements for Legs and Hips

Even on a normal day when we go out and walk, our legs burn fat and these daily walks help us keep fit. However, the periods to go out from home can be very few. In this case, we should burn the calories that need to be burned daily with the exercise we sit on.

We have a great leg movement suggestion to relieve the energy and stress that builds up while you are at home: Side Kick Movement.

Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, lift one foot and bend your knee 90 degrees. Move your raised foot toward your other foot, and then straighten it in the opposite direction. You can do 15 sets of this movement, with one set of 3 repetitions for one leg.

We have another suggestion that comes to mind when it comes to leg and hip shaping and that most people know: Squat

Squat, which is a very effective move, even if you have difficulty doing it at first zamYou will understand and get good results. For squats that work both front and back legs and hips at the same time, open your legs hip-width apart and raise your arms forward to keep your balance. Having your head straight and your back straight is important in terms of correct movement. You should crouch on the ground with your legs parallel to the ground and return to your old position, without changing the position of your back. Squat can be a bit difficult at the beginning. For this reason, 10 reps will be enough at the beginning.

Take Small Movement Breaks While Working At Home

Do not forget to move while working, in addition to your daily fitness routine. When you concentrate on the work you do at the computer, your whole body stays still for a long time and you may not notice how the clock passes. This situation causes pain in your muscles and problems in various parts of your body. To prevent this, while working at a desk; You can perform simple but effective movements such as neck stretching, upward stretching, and chest opening. These movements zamwill not take your memory; on the contrary, it will help you focus better on what you are doing by helping your body relax.

If you are just starting sports and you have not done sports under the supervision of a professional before, we recommend that you be careful while exercising at home and avoid sudden or forceful movements.

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