What is Endolift? What Does Endolift Application Do? How Is It Applied?

The application of Endolph Laser, which is an FDA-approved laser technology for shaping the middle and lower face without surgery and scar, clarifying the chin line, tightening the jowl and neck area, and tightening the under-eye bags, is an application that is performed without age separation without the need for anesthesia and difficult surgical procedures. It promotes the formation of new collagen by increasing the temperature under the skin in the area of ​​application, it provides optional breakage of the storage fats under the skin, especially in jowl problems, the skin tightens, the jaw line and facial contour become clear.

Endolift Application

Endolift treatment can be used for sagging in the face, chin, neck areas, bags under the eyes and other sagging areas of the skin. Immediately observed results are obtained with Endolift treatment, which promises a rapid rejuvenation in a short time, lasts only 45 minutes and is applied without incision and anesthesia. The result obtained is long-lasting and permanent.

How is Endolift Applied?

In this method, which is not a surgical operation, a microfiber tip with the thickness of a hair shaft is directly intervened in the sagging area under the skin. Endolift, a combined laser application that combines skin rejuvenation and facial shaping, leaves no traces after the procedure thanks to the fibers that are directed by vectorial micro tunnels in the opposite direction of gravity. With the FDA-approved Endolift application, the result reaches a visible level in just minutes. This application, which does not require incision and anesthesia, is performed with only air cooling, is much easier and painless than traditional surgical applications.

Endolift is an application that can penetrate under the skin with microfiber only a hair thickness (200 or 300 microns). This thickness leaves almost no traces after the intervention. It is a laser lifting application that transmits energy at 1470 nm wavelength. It is applied in the opposite direction of gravity. The application is completed within minutes and the result is visible.

Application Areas of Endolift Treatment

Mid-facelift, jowl melting and recovery, clarification of the jaw line, correction of lower eyelid bagging, lower eyelid lowering, eyebrow lifting, tightening neck lines, skin tightening, deep nasolabial (lines extending from the nose to the edge of the lip) and marionet (from the edge of the mouth) It is used in areas such as opening in wrinkles such as lines extending to the chin, melting the asymmetries and excesses consisting of filling, breaking the fat accumulated in the knee, tightening the excess skin accumulated on the knee caps and cellulite treatment.

Who Can Be Applied To Endolift Treatment?

Endolift treatment offers significant results, especially in people with loss of skin elasticity or excess fat tissue. Endolift can be applied to every age group and every skin type regardless of their needs.

Who Cannot Have Endolift Treatment?

It is a technology that we can safely use for anyone of all ages, except pregnancy, breastfeeding, some active autoimmune diseases and active infections in the area to be applied.

What Does Endolift Application Do?

Sagging, wrinkles and wrinkles occur in our facial area due to the decrease of hormones with advancing age, the reduction of collagen tissue, loss of elasticity and moisture, weight gain and loss, external factors and gravity. Women who care about their external beauty, on the other hand, turn to applications that will achieve faster and more painless results in a single session without affecting their social lives in order to solve these problems. Men are just as interested in women. The Endolift Laser Network is a laser technology known and used in the world and Europe for about 10 years, most frequently used in America and Italy.

How Many Sessions Is Endolift Treatment Applied?

It is possible to achieve the best desired result in a single session, but if deemed necessary, a second application can be performed on the desired areas at least 6 months later.

Is Endolift a Painful Treatment?

Endolift treatment is an application with minimal pain. The application is done by blowing cold air. If the patient prefers, a topical anesthesia can be applied.

What are the Results of Endolift Treatment ZamSeen at the moment?

After the endolift treatment, an immediate recovery is observed in the area where the application was made. Collagen production in the skin and therefore tightening continues for 3-4 months after the procedure.

After Endolift application:

  • The reaction seen in lipolysis on the skin is observed and the oils that cause sagging disappear.
  • A recovery is observed in sagging due to fat.
  • Collagen formation starts in the area where it is applied. Thus, the skin begins to renew itself.
  • It activates the metabolic functions of the extracellular matrix.
  • Localized excess adipose tissue is reduced.
  • Skin tightens.
  • The chin line and face contour become clear.

Advantages of Endolift Application

  • It does not require anesthesia, only air cooling is sufficient.
  • It has a long lasting effect.
  • One session is sufficient.
  • It does not require incision, leaves no scar.
  • Bleeding is not bruising.
  • It is an easy-to-apply procedure that can be applied in a clinical setting.
  • It does not require a recovery period after treatment.

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