The Most Ideal Nose Is The Nose That Provides Proper Breathing


Your little nose every zamPointing out that there is no advantage and may cause difficulty in breathing, Op.Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan said, "The most ideal nose is the one that allows you to breathe correctly."

Contrary to what you might think your little nose zamExplaining that there is no advantage at the moment, ENT Specialist Op.Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan said, “Those who have a small nose compared to their face, those who have a small nose tip, as if the nose tip is almost absent, and those who are thin as if the nose roof is pressed with a latch may face the problem of not breathing well. Generally, these patients come to us with the questions 'I cannot breathe well, I wonder if I have meat in my nose'. They never think that they have difficulty breathing due to the small nose. While the nasal dorsum of these patients should normally be a finger, it is half the thickness of the little finger. Therefore, in such patients, the nose is very flattened, and there are short and narrow roofs. "It is like being stuck in a small house and it is necessary to expand the rooms of this house to breathe comfortably," he said.


Although these patients with the middle part of the nose are far behind, although it is rare, most of those who have difficulty breathing in the small nose zamStating that he was looking for the solution in the wrong place because he did not know that the problem was caused by the size of the nose at the moment, Op.Dr. Batıkhan said, “Most of our patients who come to us with complaints of breathing and that we decide to need rhinoplasty after the examination zammoment confronts this with surprise. In these noses, with rhinoplasty, the construction of the extension in the middle part of the nose, widening the roof and reconstructing the tip of the nose begins. In other words, we enlarge the nose contrary to the procedure usually performed in these patients. Using our own cartilage from the back of the nose, we expand the back or roof. While doing this, it is not enough to correct the curvature in the middle part of the nose, it is necessary to lengthen the middle part of the nose, to extend the nose, to enlarge it, to widen the roof ”.


Underlining that the golden ratio of the face should not be forgotten while performing rhinoplasty operation on small noses, Op.Dr. Batıkhan said, “When applying rhinoplasty to small noses to restore their functions, one should not forget the golden ratio. During this operation, it is possible to give a suitable, golden ratio nose to the person's face. In addition to the problem of breathing; "The nose can be enlarged or widened with rhinoplasty in people whose nose is small to the face and cannot catch the golden ratio on the face."

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