Buy Used Cars Now Zamsudden

Buy a used car now zamani
Buy a used car now zamani

in the assessment related to the automobile sector in line with new developments in Turkey's economy 2pl Executive Chairman Orhan Ülgür, he had previously stated that his stabilize by year-end prices of second-hand explanation. Ülgür, when looking at the market figures of the last week, said that this process has started and made the following statements;

“We had previously predicted that the prices would stabilize in the second hand until the end of the year, and we can say that the market has already started to stabilize. Until now, second hand traders were making more profits with the continuous upward trend in vehicle prices and working more voluminous without stock concerns. However, the stabilization of the market and the accumulation of excess stocks in the hands of second-hand companies made it necessary to convert them into cash. Due to market conditions and inventory costs, there is no longer any waiting time for many companies. As a matter of fact, these companies have started to give up profits to dispose of their vehicles and are going to discount. All companies set a policy of action according to their own situation, which is the most correct way to buy a second-hand car. zamindicates that the moment is now. ”

"The exchange rate will determine the zero and second hand market from now on"

Reminding that the exchange rate determines the price of new vehicles and second-hand vehicles, Ülgür said, “When we look at the last 1-2 months, we see that the brands have organized various price and interest campaigns. This caused the prices to come to normal levels in the second hand market. On the other hand, foreign exchange has also turned into a stable course and zero automobile prices will not increase until the end of the year. In this way, those who try to sell their second-hand vehicle from scratch to expensive zamthey will have lost the moment. In addition to all these; The effects of the monetary policies to be followed by the new Central Bank Administration on the economy and exchange rate should also be closely monitored. Both new and used car prices will be affected by these changes. " said.

“Opportunity in both new and second hand cars zamsudden"

Stating that in the first quarter of 2020, a similar process can be experienced in the global automobile market in 2021, Ülgür said, “With the increase of the negative impact of the pandemic, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the production of zero vehicles may slow down and even stop completely in the first quarter of 2021, just like this year. For this reason, we would like to draw attention to the fact that the next 1-2 months may create a special opportunity for those who will buy both new and second hand cars. he spoke.

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