Awareness of Smokeless Life Should Be Developed With Pandemic Bans

Respiratory Society TÜSAD emphasized that tobacco control gained more importance due to the pandemic.

While the TÜSAD Tobacco Control Working Group stated that the smoking restrictions imposed during the pandemic process were an appropriate decision, “There may be difficulties in the implementation of the bans. He shared his view, "Developing the awareness of" smoke-free life "during the pandemic period, which is also important among the restrictions.

Turkey Respiratory Research Society (TRS) Covidien-19 in Turkey in the case of decisions taken by the Interior Ministry after the increase experienced in the practice drew attention to some difficulties. Emphasizing that the connection between smoking and Covid-19 has been scientifically proven, physicians zamHe stated that it gained more importance than before.

In the evaluation made by the TÜSAD Tobacco Control Working Group, suggestions were made to make the circular orders enforceable, to increase cooperation, success, and to reduce possible reactions. TUSAD, accepting this as its obligation as a national expert association, listed its recommendations as follows:

Smoking is even more harmful in this period

“The high frequency and severity of Covid-19 disease is scientifically proven due to the negative effects of smoking on both active and passive smokers during the pandemic period. In this period, the emphasis on 'smoke-free environment', which is one of the leading healthy life recommendations, and the use of quitting smoking as a major and important motivation factor in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 will strengthen the practice and increase its success. Children, pregnant women, disabled people and individuals with chronic diseases are a group in need of the protection of the society in passive smoke exposure. The whole society has a responsibility in this regard. "


“People who wear their mask while smoking or after smoking may have difficulty in breathing due to the mechanical barrier effect of the mask. It may cause additional problems such as using a mask exposed to smoke and dirty masks. "


“Most importantly, while wearing a mask by sacrificing comfort to protect from the corona virus or to protect someone else, the contrast created by smoking harms both their own and the environment's health is known to our citizens. Recently, the necessity of tobacco control, which is unfortunately doomed to remain in the shadow of the pandemic, has once again been revealed due to the pandemic. In the Covid-19 pandemic, which is easy to be transmitted despite all efforts, the risk of severe watching and death, we hope that the smokeless life, which is at the top of the healthy life recommendations, will be the conscious choice of our citizens. "


In the evaluation made by the TÜSAD Tobacco Control Working Group, while reminding the conditions that led to such a ban during the pandemic process, it was said: “It is extremely important to ensure continuity in the use of masks in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, which can easily be transmitted through respiration. The current practice is very accurate and should be supported in terms of eliminating smoking, which is an excuse and justification for those who do not wear or who do not wear properly for the uncompromising continuity of the use of masks. However, since the prohibitions do not cover the general (all open areas), the definition of smoking areas in large cities, the presence of intertwined areas (For example, the situation of street-like areas with stops and the distance to the defined prohibited areas) may cause difficulties in implementation.

In the meantime, the physicians who stated that there may be problems in inspection, drew attention to the following point: “The limited number of tobacco control units, which were active for a period of time in inspection, and the fact that employees assigned for tobacco control have different positions due to the pandemic restrict the dominant workforce. The fact that law enforcement officers, who are planned to support this issue, do not have knowledge and training on tobacco control and smokeless airspace legislation may cause the circular orders to be implemented quickly and effectively.


Noting that 'deliberate misinterpretations' may be made if the current legislation is not disclosed to the public correctly, the physicians explained this as follows: “For example; There may be a risk that this circular will be interpreted as an alternative rather than a continuation of other closed space restrictions in practice. In this way, the fact that cafes and similar places are shelters for cigarette consumption in the new application may erase very valuable studies and results regarding smoke-free air space. These businesses, whose commercial activities are already troubled due to the pandemic, may not be preferred, as the supervision of these businesses during this period and the imposition of penalties when necessary will take a lot of reaction. Sufficient team and zamNot being able to leave the moment is another problem. "

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