Start Time for Middle Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle O-İKA 2 Project

O-İKA 2 project kick-off meeting was held with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), the Land Forces Command, ASELSAN and Katmerciler companies.

Katmerciler, one of the important companies of the Turkish defense industry, and ASELSAN were jointly working to meet the need for middle-class unmanned ground vehicles (IKA) of security units with local means. Last July, a new stage was passed in the works and a contract was signed between the parties for mass production.

Within the scope of the Middle Class Second Level Unmanned Land Vehicle Project, the project kick-off meeting was held with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), the Land Forces Command, ASELSAN and KATMERCİLER companies. Project; It includes the development and mass production of unmanned ground vehicles capable of reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection, and on which different weapon systems and other required systems can be mounted, remotely commanded, autonomously used, and has superior mobility.

In the project where SSB is the procurement authority, the Land Forces Command is the user authority. Katmerciler firm will take part as platform manufacturer in the project where ASELSAN is the main contractor. In the project carried out by Aselsan Microelectronics Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector Presidency, the weapon system will be provided by the Aselsan Defense System Technologies (SST) Sector Presidency.

With this project, it is aimed to develop the armed unmanned ground vehicle nationally. Unmanned system to be developed; It will be able to make reconnaissance and surveillance in dangerous areas, and when necessary, it will provide control by taking the field under fire with the weapon system DUAL SARP to be found on it against threats. With the ability to patrol autonomously, autonomous return under mixing, the defense efficiency will be maximized. It is considered that the armed unmanned ground vehicle to be developed will provide a great advantage to the user in the battlefield by integrating with other unmanned air and land systems in the field.

Features of the IKA

The vehicle, which will have enough armor to protect against ammunition used by infantry elements, will also have sufficient armor to protect the infantry behind. Within the scope of the ongoing project, there is no electro-optic camera on the system, but there will be a mast-mounted camera in its final form. Driving cameras are located at the front and rear. In addition, the system will have the ability to transfer images from the satellite. Designed to be autonomous, the weapon of the platform will be able to be used by nearby military personnel in an emergency.

Regarding the system developed, the official who answered the questions of the Defense Turk team at Teknofest 2019 said, “One of the most troublesome issues in this business is data security and communication in a safe manner against confusion. Aselsan will use encrypted communication in this regard. " used the expressions. The joint project of Aselsan and Katmerciler, O-İKA is expected to have a weight of 1.1 tons as the largest of the 2.5 ton UKAP platform. For now, Aselsan produced SARP UKSS is used in the vehicle. In the future, it will be able to use different UKSS systems produced by ASELSAN.

Source: defenceturk

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