Ix Series Production Version BMW BMW inext 2021 in Turkey

BMW illuminates the way to the future of mobility with BMW ix
BMW illuminates the way to the future of mobility with BMW ix

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor of BMW's flagship in the field of electric mobility is expected to be fully electric BMW SAV model made its world premiere ix.

Last year, launched the concept of the series production version of the BMW inext scene as the BMW iX, it will be produced at BMW's Dingolfing plant in Germany and Turkey will meet the road in the last quarter of 2021.

Introduced at the #NEXTGen 2020 event, where the BMW Group announced its mobility and electrification strategies, the BMW iX is preparing to start a new era in the automotive world with its latest technologies and minimalist design. 2021 BMW ix coming to Turkey in the last quarter, driving pleasure, versatility, sustainability and reinterpreting luxury modular and scalable platform attracts the attention.

Powerful, Dynamic and Efficient

The BMW iX, which is planned to lead the future BMW models, takes the standards of electric cars to another dimension with its 500 hp power, performance reaching 0-100 km in less than 5 seconds and its efficient battery that offers more than 600 kilometers of driving range according to WLTP criteria. The battery of the BMW iX, which can reach 40 percent in just 80 minutes with fast charging, is the same zamoffers a driving range of more than 120 km in ten minutes.

The drive system in the BMW iX is based on the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which covers the car's two electric motors, power electronics, charging technology and a high-voltage battery. The handling capabilities of the BMW iX and the comfort level in the cabin are ensured by the aluminum space frame with reduced friction force and the class-leading 'Carbon Cage'. The BMW iX's 0.25 Cd drag coefficient alone manages to add 65 kilometers to the vehicle's range.

Optimized Aerodynamic Design

The BMW iX, which also redefines the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment with its innovative design, turns driving pleasure into a unique experience on daily use and long journeys with its muscular exterior proportions, fluid roofline and reduced surface coating. The BMW iX, which is BMW X5 in length and width, is reminiscent of the BMW X6 with its curved roof structure and height, while it is similar to the BMW X7 thanks to its wide wheel rims.

The wide kidney grille, the symbol of BMW's new design language, makes a difference with its self-healing technology that can repair minor scratches within 24 hours at room temperature as well as accommodating all electronic driving assistance systems.

One More Step To Sustainability With Recycled Materials

The materials used in the production processes of the BMW iX show the importance given to sustainability. The widespread use of natural and recycled materials combined with the latest technology can be seen in every area of ​​the car. The surface of the leather used for seats and dashboard is processed with a natural olive leaf extract, thus preventing environmentally harmful production residues. Same zamThis feature gives the leather a high quality yet natural appearance. In line with the sustainability-oriented approach applied when choosing raw materials and production methods, a high proportion of recycled plastic is used in the FSC certified wood and door panels, seats, center console and floor panels of the BMW iX. The mats of the BMW iX are also made from recycled plastic bottles.

Elegance and Simplicity with Shy Tech

The groundbreaking design of the BMW iX also manifests itself in the cabin designed with the "Shy Tech" principle. The 'Shy Tech' principle is used only zamIt refers to the technological approach that reveals the functions of the moment. "Shy Tech" also stands out in the non-visible speakers and the unusually designed ventilation ducts. Thus, for the first time in a model, the BMW Group offers its users the option to integrate the speakers into the seat structure. Also used for the first time in a BMW model, the hexagonal steering wheel and the combined 12.3 and 14.9-inch BMW Curved Display, which forms part of the new generation BMW Operating System, emphasize futuristic driving pleasure.

Automatic Climate Control with New Integrated Nano Fiber Filter

The BMW iX comes with two-and-a-half-zone automatic climate control as standard. In addition, the automatic air conditioning system can be upgraded to a four-zone system that allows temperature and ventilation settings to be individually controlled for both the rear passengers and the driver and front. Using nanofiber filter technology to clean the air inside the car more effectively, the air conditioning system also functions as preheating and pre-conditioning as standard in the BMW iX. Thanks to the innovative nanofiber filter technology, microbial particles and allergens can also be prevented from entering the vehicle.

The BMW iX also stands out as the first model to offer an efficient surface heating option for the instrument cluster, glove box, door panel, center armrest and steering wheel to help warm the interior.

Panoramic Glass Roof with Electrochromic Shading

The panoramic glass roof used in the BMW iX is the largest glass roof ever used in BMW models, with its one-piece transparent surface covering the entire interior without any cross bracing. The panoramic glass roof significantly improves the spaciousness and ambience inside the BMW iX. The glass roof also features electrochromic Electrochromic shading that can be activated at the press of a button to protect the interior from direct sunlight. The laminated glass structure can offer both optimum protection against ultraviolet rays and excellent acoustic comfort as standard. Instead of having an interior lining, the glass ceiling stands out as the only one of its kind in the automotive industry that uses PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology to shade the interior.

Pioneering Sound Experience: Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System with 4D Audio

A HiFi sound system with twelve loudspeakers and a 205-watt amplifier is standard on the BMW iX. The Harman Kardon Surround Sound System provides an excellent sound quality with its seven-band equalizer, 655 watts of sound power and adjustment depending on the dynamic performance level of the car. The latest version of the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System, offered as an option for the first time, transforms the BMW iX into a four-wheeled concert hall, while taking the sound experience to a different dimension.

Gaming World Technologies at BMW iX

The BMW Group now uses technology in almost all of its processes to create an ever-expanding ecosystem. Benefiting from the Unreal Engine technology used in Fortnite, which has approximately 350 million players, the BMW iX manages to attract attention once again. The BMW iX will thus have the title of being the first car that the brand has developed using gaming technology.

Digital Vehicle Platform

Introduced with the BMW iX, the new digital platform also sets standards for connectivity, performance and artificial intelligence. Although it may differ depending on the country, thanks to Gigabit Ethernet technology, which communicates with a data rate of up to 30 Gbit / s when all functions of the BMW iX are active and operating at full load, the BMW iX provides more data on traffic, parking areas, dangerous situations or road signs It can quickly collect, evaluate this data anonymously with the help of artificial intelligence and make it available for use.

First Mass Production Premium Model Using 5G Technology

The BMW iX takes the competition one step further as the first premium model to be equipped with 5G mobile technology. Along with the improved service quality offered by the 5G network, significant improvements will be experienced in the areas of infotainment, automatic driving and road safety. In addition, this technology will allow pedestrians, bicycle and scooter riders to communicate with their smartphones directly with the infrastructure without even needing to connect to a mobile network.

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