Disa Otomotiv Increases Its Capacity with New Investments

Disa Otomotiv increases its capacity with new investments
Disa Otomotiv increases its capacity with new investments

disaotomotiv which is one of Turkey's most important international manufacturers in the automotive spare parts production, despite his pandemics in 2020 with an investment of 2.500.000 million euros, Adolescents, took off his gear production capacity of the factory in Tekirdag tripled.

Disa Otomotiv started gear production again with new breakthroughs in 2016, in its modern factory to increase production capabilities and capacities as a result of increasing customer demands, in 2020, 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining centers, automated CNC lathes, CNC gear hobbing machines, CNC gear cutting. (fellow) continued its investments with CNC gear grinding, CNC gear knife sharpening and broaching benches and 3-dimensional CMM measuring device, material spectral analysis, microstructure analysis, Vickers hardness measurement and magnetic particle crack control devices. The total amount of investments made reached 2,5 million Euros.

Disa Otomotiv General Manager Koray Kuru, who made a statement stating that with the investments made, production capabilities are increased and machines that will create the highest level of equipment efficiency are preferred, Disa Otomotiv General Manager Koray Kuru said, “With these investments, we can now fully respond to the increasing customer demands in our gear production in the past few years. The machines we invest in provide the most precise processing opportunities and keep the size variations in the produced parts at a minimum. In this way, it is possible for us to continuously produce high quality products. In addition to the machines, it is also very important to be able to measure the products we produce and to report and approve them as customers want. For this reason, we have acquired devices that will increase our competence in our quality laboratory, and we have become able to respond to all kinds of customer demands on this subject. All the machines we bought are the same zamcurrently includes automated loading and unloading systems. In this way, we can produce flawlessly with the highest technology. In order to work with a team that is compatible with this high technology, our trainings continue to increase the competencies of our employees. " and touched upon the company's developing competencies.

Stating that these new investments are made based on the signed customer contracts and that investment plans are on the agenda in the future with new projects to be formed, Koray Kuru pointed out to the export-oriented vision of Disa Otomotiv and said, “Especially, our Disa Automotive GmbH company established in Stuttgart, Germany at the beginning of 2019. We have increased our turnover by around 30% every year in the last two years with the market researches, business development studies we have carried out and the new connections we have created. With the new projects to start in the next two years, our production numbers, capacity and employment will increase even more. Our aim as a hundred percent exporter company with the best delivery performance in the sector; By representing our country in the best way with the production experience and technical infrastructure we have built over the years, to further strengthen the permanent cooperation with our customers, and to rapidly continue with our foreign currency earning activities. evaluated in the words.

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