Hazelnut Export Season Started

Turkey is a very important product for the nuts. It found a good price this year. We must urgently develop and implement efficiency-enhancing policies under the control and management of our Ministry of Agriculture.

Stating that the price announced by TMO for the 2020-2021 period makes the producer happy, Ali Haydar Gören said that if the TMO, which makes purchases on behalf of the state, announces the selling price as a regulatory institution rather than a commercial institution, the uncertainties disappear. Firms that can clearly see the future export more and the country wins.

Turkey is the world leader in hazelnut export season in the product market on September 1st (today) began. Another world exporting to many countries, including Turkey and the EU, holds 70 percent of the world market. 2020-2021 season, the market come down to the nuts and emphasizing competition will heat up with the start of exports to Istanbul Hazelnut and Products Exporters' Association (İFMİB) Chairman Ali Haydar Goren, even in difficult conditions, exporters have maintained market studies, declaring that forced new market opportunities, Turkey if they are supported by production He said that he would not lose his leadership to anyone for many years.

"We will maintain our market share this year"

All of Turkey's 2019-2020 season zamNoting that moments closed by realizing the record export, Ali Haydar Gören expressed his expectations in exports this year as follows:

“While the hazelnut production decreased in all our competitors last season, the production in our country was around 880 thousand tons. We, exporters, took advantage of this well and by exporting 344 thousand tons of products, which could be considered as a record, we obtained 2.3 billion dollars of foreign exchange input. However, this year things have turned a bit of a twist. While production increased in rival countries, we experienced a decline, albeit a little. We will obtain 665 thousand tons of shelled hazelnuts, announced by TMO and close to our estimates. Maybe this can be interpreted as our market share in the world market will decrease in the first place. However, with the experience and skills of Turkish exporters in the market and the stock of 70-80 thousand tons transferred from last year, we will continue to increase our market share in this period, ”he said.

Search for new markets continues

Expressing that they expect a significant increase in hazelnut exports to the Far East countries, especially China, the United States, Russia and North African Countries and India in 2020, Ali Haydar Gören, IFMİB President, said, “Exports to European Countries we are used to will continue at the same pace, exports in Scandinavian Countries a noticeable increase will be achieved. South American countries have begun to consume more hazelnuts than in previous years. We also export to Asian and African countries, which we have just started to enter. zamwe will increase with understanding. As exporters, we are working non-stop to feed Turkish hazelnuts to 5 continents.

TMO should act as a regulatory agency

Reminding that the Turkish Grain Board has announced a hazelnut purchase price on behalf of the state for a while, it has given a price of 2020tl / kg for Levant quality hazelnuts and 2021tl / kg for Giresun quality hazelnuts for the 22,0-22,5 period, said İFMİB President Ali Haydar Gören, the price pleased the producer. Maybe he can even encourage him to invest in his garden. This price is also reasonable for the exporter. We are also glad that the manufacturer wins. However, it is very important for us at what price TMO will sell the purchased product in the future. The fact that TMO, which buys on behalf of the state, acts as a regulator of the market rather than a commercial institution, declares the purchase price as well as the sales price and terms, eliminates the uncertainties. Firms that can see the future clearly channel more exports and ultimately our country wins.

Policies to increase efficiency should be implemented

Product quality, efficient and of plenty that is, the national economy, as well as manufacturers and exporters is an important asset for social welfare emphasizing İFMİB President Goren, we have to make our main problem is working to increase productivity efficiency ... as Turkey in a very immediate way. Namely, according to FAO data, the hazelnut yield of the USA in the 2013-year period covering 2017-5 is 254 kilograms per decare. In Georgia, which is just next to us and has just started hazelnut production, it is 178, 146 in Italy, 118 in Azerbaijan, and 90 kilograms in Spain. In our country, which is the leader of the world market, we obtain a yield of 77 kilograms per decare. As soon as possible, we should carry out activities such as tree renewal, pest control, and training of producers in a coordinated manner. Our Ministry of Agriculture and we exporters carry out various studies. However, we need to work within a plan that includes all segments of society, ”he said.

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