Cheapest New Vehicle Fiat Egea

Automobile prices that are rising day by day make it difficult to own a zero-kilometer car, especially. As of January, prices have been continuously increasing with the effect of exchange rates, and the number of vehicles in dealers also increases with the gradual start of production by domestic manufacturers. Turkey should leave the market in order to have a zero kilometer cars starting from the lowest budget of 107 thousand TL. The Fiat Egea Sedan 1.4 Fire 95 HP Easy, manufactured at the Tofaş Bursa factory, is the most affordable zero-kilometer automobile sold in our country's market, with a campaign price of 106.900 TL.


The common feature of the most affordable cars sold in our country is listed as having domestic production, gasoline engine, manual transmission and the lowest equipment packages. Even if a higher equipment package is preferred for the same model, the price rises instantly as the bare price and therefore the SCT scale rise. Sometimes the addition of even a very small hardware increases the turnkey price enormously.


It is useful to investigate the list prices published in zero-kilometer automobile purchases very well and to examine the differences between the dealers. The prices of the vehicles can also differ between dealers. Sometimes dealers may waive their profit rates and give a lower price in order to sell quickly. Therefore, bargaining can still be an advantage when purchasing. In addition, while benefiting from zero interest campaigns, it should be investigated carefully whether the list price of the car has changed, whether there is a motor insurance or a long warranty requirement, and the costs should be examined.


Especially in purchases with credit, it is obligatory to have automobile insurance other than traffic insurance. All of the dealers that sell the car offer their customers the prices of many insurance companies they have contracted with. Although it does not make much difference in traffic insurance, prices in motor insurance can vary.

zero mileage cars at affordable market of Turkey's Tofas factory in Bursa produced Egea Sedan Fiat 1.4 HP 95 Fire Easy, with a price tag of £ 106.900 XNUMX as the campaigns are. 

Turkey sold in the market at affordable SUV title with a starting price of 156.900 per 1.0 liter 100 horsepower Dacia Duster wins. 


During the pandemic period, brands developed methods that comply with hygiene rules for their customers and make sales without coming to the authorized dealer. After calling the dealers and making every transaction from vehicle selection to using a loan with the help of a live connection, the vehicle can be delivered to the customer who wishes.

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