Facebook Campus Opened for University Students


With the social network named 'Facebook Campus' developed exclusively for students, Facebook has been established again after 16 years.

Founded in 2004 at Harvard, one of the leading universities in the USA, Facebook returned to its essence after 16 years. Facebook, which was first established to enable Harvard students to connect with each other in the digital world, added other leading schools of the USA to the platform in the following years.

In order to become a Facebook member at that time, it was necessary to be a student at a university in the USA. Because the platform was only receiving membership with a university extension e-mail address. Facebook, which reached millions of users in a short time, lifted this restriction and turned into a social network that anyone who wanted could be a member.

Now Facebook has taken a step that is described as a return to the old times. The social network, which has approximately 2 billion users, has developed a platform that can only be registered with school e-mail addresses. Only students can subscribe to Facebook Campus. In other words, an ordinary Facebook user will not be able to access the shares on the Campus network.

It is stated that Facebook aims to attract the young user mass it lost in the last period to the platform with this breakthrough.

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