Boğaziçi University Digital Student Affairs Bootcamp Starts


Organized by the IAB with the support of Boğaziçi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences since 2015 and under the main sponsorship of Akbank for 3 years Akbank UniChallenge + Digital Student Affairs Training Camp, It was postponed to September due to Covid-19. Due to the continuation of the pandemic, UniChallengers will meet online once again.

Students studying in the 21rd and 2th grades of universities and recently graduated students will be able to attend the training, which will take place between September 3 and October 4. Digital advertising industry career opportunities will be discovered Akbank UniChallenge + Digital Student Affairs Training Campin; During the training, the participants will have the chance to hear the stories of successful brands from agencies and advertisers while getting to know the digital world better. Same zamThey will also have the opportunity to learn closely the effects of the developments in the world on the sector.

Participants will develop projects with their mentors in groups of 6 within the scope of the subject to be determined by Akbank.

The first online version of the unichallenge with the beginning of distance education as Akbank, which was held May 11 to 18 dates in unichalleng Express online, 60 participants from across Turkey for a week had the chance to get to know the digital world.

Application Deadline is September 12, 2020

The application deadline for the program where digital marketing communication and advertising will be experienced is September 12. After the participant presentations at the end of the two-week training, participants among the top 3 groups will be able to benefit from internship opportunities at IAB member companies.

In the last 60 years, 5 applications were made to the program, where the participation quota was limited to 1365 people, and 809 of these applications came from outside of Istanbul. 250 of the 146 participants whose applications were accepted zamHe had the opportunity to meet the digital marketing communications industry as a permanent employee or intern. If the unichalleng Express program was held in May, a total of 530 applicants from throughout Turkey. - Hibya

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