Ara Güler Museum to Open with a New Exhibition

Turkey in culture and the Dogus Group providing significant contributions to art, photography search doyen of art Guler cooperation as a result of new exhibition Ara Güler Museum, which has been realized "In the Same Dream" will meet with art by September.

The new exhibition of the Ara Güler Museum, which was established to pass on Ara Güler's versatile artist identity and inspiring life to future generations, brings together the intellectual memory of a history, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, and the visual record master of this history, Ara Güler, in the story of Istanbul.

The Ara Güler Museum, one of the biggest projects of Doğuş Group in the field of culture and art, was established as a result of its collaboration with Ara Güler in 2016, and opens its doors with the new exhibition “Inside the Same Dream”. In the new exhibition, which can be visited until February 28, 2021, the texts of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, the intellectual memory of a history, and the photographs of Ara Güler, the visual record master of a history, meet. 

The book titled "Inside the Same Dream", prepared together with the magazines, is also the same with the exhibition. zammeets with art lovers instantly. Art enthusiasts will witness an Istanbul story where reality and fiction are intertwined with the new exhibition and book.

The Istanbul dream of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar and Ara Güler, two nostalgic lovers who devoted themselves to aesthetizing lost beauties, will continue in the memory of those who read and watch them in the future as the unchanging and unchanging union.

A biography wall, the animation of Ara Güler's dark room with original objects and examples of contact prints can also be seen in the museum.

In another gallery, the exhibition titled “Istanbul in My Dream is Either a Ferry or a Bird”, which is centered on the book model consisting of the drawings of the photographs in the book 'Lost Colors' published in 1995, during the preparation of the book by Ara Güler. In the exhibition, besides the model book, a selection of colorful Istanbul photographs in the book, along with notes and correspondence, are also presented to the taste of art lovers. 

About Ara Güler Archive and Research Center (AGAVAM):

Ara Güler Doğuş Sanat ve Müzecilik A.Ş. was established in 2016 with the agreement between Ara Güler and Doğuş Group. I AGAVA located under the roof, which is one of Turkey's most important photo archive Ara Guler archive of protection as a whole and trying to ensure the transmission to future generations. Ara Güler Museum, which was opened on Ara Güler's 90th birthday in Istanbul Yapı Kredi Bomontiada last year, is working to bring the works of the veteran photographer to a wider audience. The two professionally managed and non-profit art institutions operate in a way that nurtures each other in operational and content terms. Under the leadership of Doğuş Group Art Consultant Çağla Saraç, the archive team carries out the sorting, inventory, preservation, digitization and indexing of hundreds of thousands of works of Ara Güler. It is aimed to open the archive collections to photography enthusiasts and researchers through a portal in the coming period. - Hibya

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