VipUpp: Alternative Solution to Urban Transportation


Ali Ünal, a representative of young entrepreneurial business people, was born in Istanbul in 1990. He completed his education in Istanbul, including the university. Ali Ünal, who has six years of experience in tourism, travel, car rental and transfer, took part in many international studies on tourism and informatics.

Entrepreneur, Ünal continues its activities in the field of international digital tourism by implementing the local and national 'VİPUpp' application.

VipUpp, which also works with the reservation system in advance, offers its customers the VIP pleasure of urban transportation. With the VipUpp application, you can travel one kilometer or a thousand kilometers if you want.

VipUpp is an organization that has completed all its bureaucratic procedures before both the Ministry of Transport and TÜRSAB. For this reason, it is not possible to make any unofficial transactions. That's why both passenger and vehicle

VipUpp Surgery

VipUpp helps its guests to travel safely, comfortably and more economically at the touch of a button. By integrating more than ten years of experience in the tourism sector with mobile systems, we provide 7/24 service throughout Istanbul.

There are three different types of vehicles within VipUpp, these are extremely luxurious vehicles. VipUpp car park includes vehicles such as Mercedes Vito, Wolksvagen Transpoter. On the other hand, the most elite commercial taxis serving in the city also work in the VipUpp staff. It offers quality and comfortable service on short or long journeys with its dynamic and professional driver staff. Moreover, we offer this service 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

How to use VipUpp?

Thanks to VipUpp, which you can download for free from the mobile store of your smartphones, it is now much easier and faster to reach your destination. After downloading and registering the application, determine your destination and current location, then select the vehicle type you want and enjoy the comfortable journey right after you confirm your journey.

Our Hygiene Policy and Security In line with passenger safety, which is the basic mission of VipUpp, all of our vehicles are regularly disinfected.

VipUpp A Comfortable Journey

With our VIP vehicles, you can make your transfers with our fully equipped and comfortable vehicle fleet to reach your destination from your desired location.

Different Vehicle Types

VipUpp helps you to realize all your transfers in line with your budget and preferences with the vehicle options in 3 different segments.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We aim 100% customer satisfaction with our user-friendly design, innovative infrastructure and dynamic staff.

Payment Security

Based on secure payment and confidentiality of personal information, VipUpp infrastructure enables you to make your payments safely and easily by choosing the most suitable one among different payment options, especially SSL technology.

Trained Drivers

As VipUpp, all of our drivers are trained and D2 tourism certified due to the importance we attach to customer and driving safety. - Hibya

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