20.000 Contracted Teachers Appointed

Ministry of National Education (MONE) covered 60 areas across Turkey, 20 thousand 19 thousand 910 teacher assignment assignment contract teachers was held. The appointment results can be found on the Ministry's "e-devlet" and "personel.meb.gov.tr" website.

Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, attended the ceremony held at the Headmaster Hall of the Ministry for the appointment of contracted teachers.

Minister Selçuk reminded that they opened the academic year yesterday in his speech at the appointment ceremony, where candidates did not participate within the scope of the new type of Coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures.

Stating that they wish their schools to be opened as soon as possible, Selçuk said that today 20 thousand more teachers are included in the education family.


Since the day they took office, zamPointing out that they act with a perspective that puts the teacher in the center at the moment, Selçuk made the following evaluations:

“We are starting a new era for our teachers to meet their children. During the epidemic period, we saw that all of our friends, who were given opportunities, opportunities and values, did much more than they could with great effort and responsibility and continue to do so. Teaching is the same as academic knowledge zama job of conscience at the moment. We see the development of our children and students as a great duty as well as our own development with the responsibility we take. I would also like to call out to our new recruits. You are all embarking on a profession full of sacrifice, in which you will effectively exercise both your mind and body, and see your conscience as a compass. Nowadays, we see that every zamconditions may change, our nation is difficult zamIt is our primary duty to be with our nation instantly. "

Selçuk said that they are doing their best to properly fulfill their profession under all circumstances.

Emphasizing that teachers work for the most valuable asset, the human being, for the child, Selçuk emphasized that they seek to protect the rights and the law of children.

Underlining that he has no worries that this profession will be carried out devotedly by teachers, Selçuk said, “As a teacher Ziya, zamI am with you at the moment, your reputation is my reputation, our reputation. together with you we have more than our need for teachers in Turkey goes, we're largely been met. teachers occupancy rate in Turkey has reached 93 per cent today. This is good news, ”he said.

Commemorating the head teacher Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all the teachers who passed away, Selçuk wished success to the newly appointed teachers.

Ömer İnan, General Manager of the Ministry of National Education, stated that the number of teachers will reach 977 thousand and the occupancy rate in the country will reach 93 percent with this appointment.

After the speeches, Minister Selçuk asked the journalists in the hall for numbers for the lottery. After the lot number was determined as "379658012", Ziya Selçuk pressed the button and the assignment started.

The provinces and schools where the candidates were assigned were shared on the screen in the hall. 19 contracted teachers were appointed to serve in the ministry. Within the scope of 910 thousand contracted teachers appointments, 20 teachers were appointed from national athletes to the field of physical education before.

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