No More Problems With Vodafone Redbox

Aiming to lead the digitalization of not only individuals but also households, Vodafone added a new one to its home internet solutions. With the new “Vodafone RedBox” product offered under the roof of Vodafone Home, a modem that does not need any cabling in the home offers fiber-speed home internet over a 4.5G mobile network for users looking for an alternative solution to their home internet need.

Turkey is operating with a vision to lead the digitalisation Vodafone, at home continues to offer innovative products and services for families who want to live a comfortable and high quality Internet experience. Vodafone introduced its new product “Vodafone RedBox” that transforms its 4.5G mobile network into home internet. Carrying its strength in mobile to home internet, Vodafone offers fiber-speed home internet for users looking for an alternative solution to home internet need with “RedBox”. With the “Vodafone RedBox” offered with the advantageous prices and solutions of Vodafone Home, there is no need to wait for internet infrastructure or fiber internet for high speed internet to come home. 

Engin Aksoy: "With Vodafone At Home, we do not leave any home without internet"

A "communications technology company" as individuals and households stating that they attached importance to the digitalisation of Vodafone Turkey Engin Aksoy, Executive Vice President, said:

“As Vodafone, we continue to develop affordable offers for our customers' home internet needs and to differentiate in experience. With Vodafone Home, where we offer 360 degrees of home internet service, we do not leave any home without internet. In this direction, with our new product 'Vodafone RedBox', which we offer under the roof of Vodafone Home, we bring home internet at fiber speed to every home. Interest in Fixed Wireless Access technology, which both meets the mobile communication needs and offers a high-speed internet experience, is increasing day by day. This new technology, which turns mobile internet into home internet with a special modem with 4.5G mobile SIM card inside, offers an easily portable home internet experience as it can only be plugged in and operated without any wiring. So you can use high speed home internet wherever you can plug in the modem. With the 'Vodafone RedBox', we offer our customers a portable and fiber-fast home internet that they can use anywhere at any time. In this way, we offer an innovative technological solution to our users who cannot connect to the internet because there is no infrastructure or port at the address they are moved to, or whose internet speed is low because there is no fiber infrastructure in their home. As Vodafone, we will continue to offer exclusive products and services that will prepare our customers for the exciting world of the future. ”

Special design modem

“Vodafone RedBox” converts 4.5G technology to home internet thanks to its special design modem and offers high speed home internet in places where there is no internet infrastructure or fiber internet service cannot reach. Thanks to “RedBox”, the new generation home internet powered by Vodafone's 4.5G mobile network, you can experience high speed home internet anywhere without having to wait for infrastructure, ports or fiber. Vodafone customers can use the “RedBox” as a portable modem by simply plugging it in and operating it in the garden, balcony or back room. With the “RedBox”, which Vodafone offers as an internet option that eliminates the infrastructure dependency, it is possible to enjoy high speed internet anywhere.

Special rates from Vodafone for "RedBox"

Vodafone has also developed special tariffs for postpaid individual customers who want to have "RedBox". Accordingly, the RedBox 150 tariff with 150 GB internet is offered for 99,90 TL per month, the RedBox 200 tariff with 200 GB internet is 129,9 TL per month, and the RedBox Unlimited tariff is 169,9 TL per month. The price includes the special RedBox modem. Customers who come to the “Vodafone RedBox” tariffs can also enjoy many privileges for Vodafone Red subscribers, from travel to shopping, entertainment to food and drink.

Customers who want to own the "Vodafone RedBox" product visit Vodafone stores or visit is enough. - Hibya News Agency

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