Last Minute: Turkey's Largest Gas Discovery Date

Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, recently pointed to Friday (today) and 'good news'He made a statement that he described as. According to the statement made by President Erdogan Danube-1Fatih drilling ship, which carried out the work in Turkey, has discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves.

According to the President's statements, the region known as Danube-1 until now, Sakarya Gas Field will be named as. Stating that all the necessary tests, analysis and engineering studies have been carried out in the region, President Erdoğan, “The data obtained from the well indicate that new natural gas discoveries are highly possible in the region. This reserve is only a fraction of a much larger resource. ” spoke in form.

President Erdoğan: I expect a precedent for the Danube-1 from the Mediterranean

According to Erdogan's statements, the next process is the opening of detection wells and construction and production It will continue by passing the stages. Until now, with Fatih and Yavuz ships, in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 9 deep sea drilling works Erdogan said that the expected discovery took place in the Danube-1.

According to Erdogan's statement, Drilling works in the Mediterranean will continue at an accelerated pace. Stating that the legal drill ship will also be included in the works at the end of the year, the President stated that he expects a good news similar to the one on the Danube-1 from the Mediterranean.

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