Microsoft Flight Simulator Out Of Stock

Microsoft was in a long silence in the flight simulation series after Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which it launched in 2006. However, it was announced last year that this silence will end and a new game called Microsoft Flight Simulator will meet with us.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which we talked about for a long time last week, finally came out and met with the players. Thanks to the graphics and technology it offers, the game has managed to attract not only flight simulation fans, but almost every player.

The game led to the depletion of joystick stock

As such, the players who tried the game came together with the players who are already passionate about flight simulation and took a step into this world. Some of these players started to be interested in aviation thanks to the success of the game. As a result, the players set out to experience it in a smoother state.

This is where the gamers' venture started with the flight sticks that form the basis of playing a flight simulation. According to The Verge's report, the demand for flight arms has increased so much that the stocks of flight arms sold on Amazon, one of the world's largest supply sites, have run out.

According to the news, players officially exploited the most beautiful flight arms available on the market with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some of the flight arms that ran out of stock or came to an end did not only consist of flight arms, but also had throttle and direction rudders in one-to-one time.

For those who don't know, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation that includes the whole world and updates the weather and routes in real time. While the game includes the whole world, it reflects this world to you as close to reality thanks to cloud technology.

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