MAN TGE The Most Economical Service Vehicle


Heavy commercial vehicles known to man in the classic quality and guarantees which the light commercial vehicle segment, MAN TGA, continues to see great interest in Turkey. MAN TGE attracts great admiration and demand from the department with its tourism and service versions newly introduced to the market.

Average fuel consumption of 100 liters per 9,5 kilometers

In addition to 19 + 1 school and shuttle vehicles, MAN TGE's single-wheel works range includes 16 + 1 school, 16 + 1 regular and wide-seated shuttle and tourism vehicles. With 235/65 R16 tires in the front and 285/55 R16 tires in the front, the single-wheel vehicles stand out in the market with their 75 liter fuel tank and low fuel consumption of 100 liters per 9.5 kilometers. The tourism and service versions of the MAN TGE also offer a powerful traction and high driving performance at the cost of 2.0 HP, 177 Nmtork, which they produce with their advanced technology 410-liter TGE diesel engines despite their fuel stinginess. MAN TGE also offers 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmission options.

Comfortable and faithful travel with its quality and superior qualities

The MAN TGE tourism and service versions also make a difference with their high quality, the comfort standards they offer to drivers and passengers, with their meticulously constructed superstructure. MAN TGE also provides 'lifelong business partners' advantages with MAN's well-known After Sales Services quality assurance.

Standing out with its high level of comfort quality, the MAN TGE VIP makes a difference in the faithful and spacious travel experience with the following features:

  • Reclining leather seats, USB ports for each seat, phone storage and mesh in the back of the seat.
  • Three-point, automatic height adjustable passenger seat belts.
  • Turn-sensitive fog lights, LED headlights, LED daytime running lights.
  • Seating system alternatives with or without 16 + 1 luggage and 19 + 1 without luggage.
  • Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen widescreen multimedia system (with reversing camera) with App-Connect / Carplay contact.
  • Multifunction steering wheel.
  • Rear covers that can be opened 270 degrees.
  • 2-color (blue / white) interior lighting.
  • Air conditioning system with different blowing on each passenger.
  • 6-speed manual transmission and 8-speed automatic transmission options.
  • High comfort driver's seat with ErgoComfort type air suspension (bellows).

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