Nurol Makina Will Supply Armored Vehicle Again For Qatar

Nurol Makina will supply armored vehicles again for Qatar Special Forces Command

According to the agreement signed between Nurol Makine and Qatar, an undisclosed amount of armored vehicles will be procured for the Qatar Army. A contract was previously signed between Nurol Makina and Qatar for the supply of 100 pieces of Yörük 4 × 4 and 400 pieces of Ejder Yalçın. Within the scope of the contract, Sarp Dual was exported with Ejder Yalçın, together with NMS 4 × 4 vehicles, which stand out with their modular design, IGLA Missile Launching System and Anti-Tank Missile Launcher System.

Nurol Makina was once again preferred for armored vehicles to be supplied for the Qatar Army. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Defense on Twitter on its social media account, Qatar Armed Forces signed an agreement with Barzan Holding Company. Following the mentioned agreement, Barzan Holding signed a supply contract with Nurol Makina for the supply of “Joint Special Force Vehicles”. No explanation was made about the sales amount and the amount of the vehicle within the scope of the contract in question. Deliveries will take place in "two" batches; It was announced that the first batch would be delivered in 2021 and the second batch in 2022. It is stated that the armored vehicles to be preferred from Nurol Makina will be Ejder Yalçın and Yörük 4 × 4. Ejder Yalçın and Yörük armored vehicles were present at the site while the contract in question was signed.

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Ejder Yalçın 4 × 4 Armored Combat Vehicle was developed by Nurol Makina to respond to the operational needs of military units and security forces in all kinds of regions and land conditions, including residential and rural areas.

The ambulance configuration of Ejder Yalçın, which is a unique platform that has high protection and mobility and has proven itself in the field of operation, made its first export success to a Middle Eastern country.

Among the configurations of Ejder Yalçın, which can effectively use different duty loads for various tasks such as personnel carrier, armored combat vehicle, anti-tank vehicle, and ambulance are among its configurations. With its ambulance configuration, Ejder Yalçın is able to use its superior performance and protection capabilities for the first response to the security forces injured on the ground and to be transported safely.

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