İBB Prepared a Channel Istanbul Brochure in 25 Questions

In the “Canal Istanbul in 25 questions” brochure prepared by IMM, the effects of the controversial project on nature and the city were explained item by item. "Who needs Kanal Istanbul in the brochure?" The question was answered: Kanal Istanbul is a dream project for some. For example, for those who have closed plots, plots from the canal route, and who know well about rent and speculation… For example, for those who will manage the huge rent that will emerge… They need Kanal Istanbul very much.

The 25 questions and answers in the brochure are as follows:

1. What is Channel Istanbul, why do you want to do it?

Kanal Istanbul is a concrete waterway approximately 45 kilometers long and 20,75 meters deep, which will artificially connect the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. The purpose of Kanal Istanbul is explained as to reduce ship traffic and the risk of accidents on the Bosphorus.

2. Does the ship traffic increase or decrease in the Bosphorus?

The total number of ships passing through the Bosphorus decreased by 2006 percent between 2018 and 24.

3. Are ship accidents increasing or decreasing in the Bosphorus?

The number of accidents in the Bosphorus in the last 15 years has decreased by 39 percent.

4. Why is the Montreux Convention important and what will be the impact of Kanal Istanbul on the contract?

Turkey's imposition of any of the contracts from the State party switch the channel from Istanbul to some ships may push to end. In such a situation will arise the right of passage through the Straits of a foreign war ships and submarines and battle Turkey zamHe will lose the authority to close the Straits even in moments of time.

5. Turkey, Channel switching from Istanbul What happens if made mandatory for some ship?

In this case, the contract remains in effect. However, in this case, when the Bosphorus crossing is free and cheap, there is no reason for the ships to pass through the channel by paying five times more per ton and extending the transition times.

6. How long will Kanal Istanbul be built and how much will it cost?

The completion period of the project was announced as 7 years in total, but realistic predictions reveal that it will take 10 years. It is mentioned that the project will cost 140 billion TL.

7. What would be done if the budget to be allocated for Channel Istanbul was used in other areas?

The budget allocated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for urban transformation can be increased to 7 times. 9 Marmaray projects or 400 km long metro lines can be built. 150 hospitals with 1.650 beds can be built. The risk structure of the whole Istanbul can be solved.

8. What area does the Kanal Istanbul project cover?

The project is located within the boundaries of 10 districts and covers an area of ​​19 thousand 36 hectares, that is, approximately 453 thousand football fields, covering 90 neighborhoods.

9. Will new areas be opened for development with Kanal Istanbul?

With the Kanal Istanbul project, an area of ​​8.300 hectares, that is 3,5 times of an average Istanbul district, for example, Bağcılar, is being developed.

10. How will Istanbul residents living in Kanal Istanbul project area be affected by the project?

As the project comes to life, as the agriculture and livestock activities will end, the livelihoods of the people of the region will be destroyed and the settled population will be displaced.

11. How will Kanal Istanbul project affect agricultural areas?

With Kanal Istanbul, 134 million square meters of agricultural land in the region is destroyed and 83 million square meters of these areas are opened for construction.

12. How will Kanal Istanbul affect water resources and reserves?

The project will completely destroy the Sazlıdere Dam. The catchment basin of Terkos Lake will also disappear and Terkos Lake will face the danger of salting.

13. How will forest lands be affected by the project?

Total forest land that remains in the project impact area and will be affected by the project is 13 hectares. 400 thousand trees will be cut for the project.

14. How will the Marmara Sea be affected by the project?

With the project, the Sea of ​​Marmara will become indestructible, and this will completely change the ecology of not only Marmara but also the neighboring Black Sea and Aegean Sea, and will be the source of a new international problem.

How will the 15th Channel Istanbul project affect the climate and natural life of Istanbul?

If Kanal Istanbul is built, the region will be an excavation and construction site for decades. This would mean more fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. Rural areas will disappear, urban heat islands will increase and features such as pressure differences and winds will be negatively affected

16. How will Kanal Istanbul affect air pollution?

An additional 1,2 million population, which is expected to live around the canal, will use more than 250 thousand cubic meters of energy per day and will generate approximately 2 thousand tons of solid waste. Every day, 10 thousand trucks will participate in vehicle traffic due to excavations and will increase carbon dioxide emissions. Ship in the canal bacalarThe poisonous gases produced will cause significant air pollution and health problems in the environment.

17. Does Channel Istanbul carry risks in terms of earthquakes and other disasters?

The big earthquake expected by Istanbul will be felt here with much higher violence, the channel structure will suffer serious damage from it. The effect and destruction will be much greater with the tsunami waves entering the channel.

Will 18. Half of Istanbul's population live on an island with Channel XNUMX Istanbul?

Yes. There will be a situation like the confinement of a population of 8 million to the island that will be formed between the Bosphorus and the channel to be opened. This island can only be reached by sea, bridge or tunnels.

19. How will the Canal Istanbul project affect archaeological sites?

Bathonea Ancient City, Yarimburgaz Caves, Kucukcekmece inner outer beaches, Soguksu 1st Degree Natural Sites and Rhegion 2nd Degree Archeological Sites are in danger of extinction.

20. How many tons of excavation will occur during the project process, how will the excavation be transported and how much will it cost?

In approximately 4 years, excavation will occur at the level of 1,1 billion cubic meters. The price of this is about 32 billion TL with today's prices.

21. How will Istanbul traffic be affected during and after the construction of Kanal Istanbul?

Considering the excavations to be obtained from the constructions that will last for 4 years, 418 excavation trucks per hour, 10 thousand excavation trucks will be added to the traffic and a total of 3,4 million new trips will be created. Even this intensity will cause Istanbul traffic to increase by 10 percent.

22. Are the ports to be built under the project necessary for maritime transport?

There is no analysis or study on this subject. The Marmara Container Port and the Black Sea Container Port projects do not have a direct necessity and relationship with the Kanal Istanbul project, nor do they have any public interest and consistent justification.

23. Isn't there a technically sufficient EIA Report that we can rely on for the Kanal Istanbul project?

Unfortunately. The experts who analyzed Kanal Istanbul's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report found that technical assessments were limited.

24. Has the public been informed and engaged in the channel Istanbul process?

No participatory process was carried out for such a big project, only one meeting was held. Moreover, the people and muhtars who were directly affected by the project were not taken to the public participation meeting held in Arnavutköy City Hall Cultural Center on March 27, 2018, and the hall was filled with participants brought by buses from other districts.

25. Who needs Kanal Istanbul?

Istanbulites, who are dealing with problems such as unemployment, poverty, traffic, education and health services insufficiency, concreting, and earthquake risk, do not have such a need, such as Kanal Istanbul. Kanal İstanbul is a dream project for some. For example, for those who have closed plots, plots from the canal route, and who know well about rent and speculation. For example, for those who will receive a tender from this project, we all know which ones they will be.

Source: SÖZCÜ

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