Natural Gas Prices for September


If industrial customers and power plants withdraw more gas than they commit with their contracts in September, they will continue to consume gas at 260 TL. So, is a discount expected on gas in the following months? Sector sources pointed out that BOTAŞ's gas purchase price will decrease on October 1 (from $ 183-184 to $ 165-166 for gas imported from Russia), “There may be some discount when entering the winter season. The possible increase in the dollar exchange rate prevents this reduction. He expressed the view that "currency is an important factor".

Sources reminded that BOTAŞ started to apply a special tariff to its industrial customers and power plants in August and said, “This tariff will continue in September. Customers who pull gas above their contractual commitments in September will continue to buy gas at a lower price. BOTAŞ thus aims to encourage consumption and reduce the potential 'take or pay' risk ”. - News7

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