Cooperation Agreement between SAHA Istanbul and UKRAVIAPROM


The delegation consisting of Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Urisky and businessmen from the Ukrainian Aviation Cluster UKRAVIAPROM visited SAHA Istanbul.

SAHA Istanbul, which gave the strongest support to the National Technology Move, signed a mutual cooperation agreement between UKRAVIAPROM. The agreement, which allows the members of the two clusters to develop joint projects, will make a significant contribution to the trade of the two countries in the field of defense and aviation. in the defense and aerospace industry, and Turkey is an important step that will contribute to increased cooperation in recent years in Ukraine in the field came from Istanbul ... Turkey's largest cluster FIELD Istanbul and Ukraine Aviation Cluster "UKRAVİAPRO I" was signed between the mutual cooperation agreement.

Participating in the signing ceremony held in Teknopark Istanbul, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Urisky, UKRAVIAPROM ”President Viktor POPOV and the accompanying delegation were welcomed by SAHA Istanbul Chairman Haluk Bayraktar and SAHA Istanbul team.

Before the signing ceremony, Bayraktar made a presentation introducing SAHA Istanbul to the Vice President of Ukraine and the accompanying delegation. After the presentations, Haluk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of SAHA Istanbul, presented a miniature hawk ball to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleg Urisky and the signing ceremony started.

SMEs in Turkey and Ukraine will make joint projects

The agreement signed by Haluk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of SAHA Istanbul and Viktor POPOV, President of UKRAVIAPROM; It paves the way for the two cluster members to develop and implement projects together. Turkish and Ukrainian companies in the two major clusters will be able to form joint working groups and cooperate to develop solutions to industrial and technological problems.

The agreement, which will make a significant contribution to the development and export of SMEs in particular, also includes bringing the training and qualifications of SMEs and personnel to international standards.

Turkey in the field of aviation in recent years experienced significant improvements in attention UKRAVİAPRO President Viktor POPOV, FIELD Istanbul's agreement with the two countries, especially in trade and said he would make an important contribution to the development of SMEs.

Ukrainian delegation visited SAHA Istanbul companies

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement between SAHA Istanbul Chairman Haluk Bayraktar and UKRAVIAPROM President Viktor POPOV, the Ukrainian delegation visited KordSA Composite Materials Center of Excellence, Delta V Space Technologies, Sedef and Yonca Onuk Tersanecilik and finally BAYKAR.

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