Ferrari has sold 4 million come from Rome to Turkey

Italy-based luxury car manufacturer Ferrari, named after the capital of Italy Rome model was unveiled at the end of last year.

Characterizing Rome of the 1950s and 60s with its retro structure Ferrari romaIt is preparing to come to Turkey in the coming month of September. Ferrari Rome's turnkey sales price of 3 million 981 thousand TL in Turkey

In this context, the future of both Turkey with about 4 million pounds price has now sold two Ferrari Rome also coming to our country. No statement has been made about who bought the luxury cars.


Ferrari Roma, which is positioned at the front and offered for sale with a turbocharged V4 engine that has been selected as the engine of the year for 8 consecutive years, can reach 620 horsepower and produce up to 760 Nm of torque.

The luxury car, which transmits this power to the wheels with the new eight-stage double-clutch automatic transmission introduced for the first time in the SF90 Stradale, can accelerate from 3.4 to 0 km in just 100 seconds and from 9.3 to 0 km in 200 seconds.

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