3 New Ways Are Being Made to Solve Istanbul Traffic Problem

IMM continues its road investments that will breathe Istanbul traffic. Heavy traffic will be alleviated with works carried out at 3 critical points in Arnavutköy, Hadımköy and Başakşehir. Drivers, zamthe moment will win. Roads will be opened for transportation in October and November. In addition, road maintenance, repair and asphalt renewal works continue without interruption throughout Istanbul. IMM also provides asphalt aid to district municipalities, without discrimination, in order to carry out works in the arteries that are not under its responsibility.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to ease road transportation with road construction and renewal constructions at critical points of the city. Road works in Arnavutköy, Hadımköy and Başakşehir will reduce the traffic load in the region. The roads will be gradually available to Istanbul residents in October and November. Drivers will have the opportunity to continue their journey without being stuck in traffic at critical points; zamwill save time

YThe free road to eni airport is expanding

IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department has started the renewal of the connection road in Arnavutköy Tayakadın with additional lanes. The 4-kilometer road, currently one lane for arrival and departure, will be expanded by adding one more lane in both directions. The traffic load in the region will be reduced. The construction on this road, which provides free transportation to Arnavutköy and its surrounding districts and the new airport, will be completed in October.

TConnection path that saves em 25 minutes

Another route where the works have started is Büyükçekmece Çakmaklı Mahallesi - Hadımköy TEM connection road. The road, which will be built as two lanes, will be 4,5 kilometers long. The road will be available to Istanbul residents in October. After the road is put into service, drivers traveling from Büyükçekmece to Hadımköy direction will have the opportunity to avoid the heavy vehicle traffic on the Gürpınar Junction and the route known as "Deve Bağırtan Caddesi" among the public. 20-25 minutes in total zamthe moment will win.

K6 lanes road to ayaşehir

Construction works continue on the 6-lane road that connects Şamlar and Kayabaşı neighborhoods in Başakşehir and extends to Kayaşehir. A total of 5 kilometers of road will be opened to Istanbul residents in November.

İ100 million lira asphalt aid to district municipalities

In addition to bringing new roads to the city, IMM continues its maintenance, repair and asphalt renewal works on the main artery of more than 39 thousand kilometers in 4 districts of Istanbul. For this purpose, 2020 million 1 thousand tons of asphalt will be used throughout 200. For the works on the intermediate arteries, which are not under the responsibility of IMM, a total of 100 million lira of asphalt assistance will be given to the district municipalities, without discrimination, by the end of the year. - Hibya

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