Hybrid Record from Toyota in Europe

hybrid record from toyota in europe
Photo: Hibya News Agency

Toyota signed another remarkable record in its hybrid technology. Toyota delivered another 3 millionth hybrid vehicle in Europe, leaving behind another milestone. The 3 millionth vehicle delivered to its new owner in Spain was the hybrid Corolla GR SPORT with a design inspired by Toyota's world of motorsports.

Toyota, which started selling hybrid vehicles in Europe in 2000, today meets all the needs by offering 10 different hybrid models only in Europe. The hybrid rate of Toyota's total sales, which sold nearly 2019 thousand hybrid vehicles in Europe in 550, was 52 percent across Europe and 63 percent in Western Europe. Toyota, also made from 2009 thousand 24 units sales of hybrid vehicles so far in 955 in Turkey. Today, 100 of every 92 hybrid vehicles in traffic in Turkey is carrying the Toyota logo.

Toyota has also managed to become the leading company to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations in Europe, thanks to its focus on hybrid power units in its long-term strategy. Continuously developed hybrid technology of Toyota ensures that driving in the city is carried out largely without emission.

However, Toyota has sold more than 90 million hybrid vehicles to date in more than 15,5 countries worldwide. With its proven hybrid technology, Toyota has also achieved 120 million tons less CO2 emissions to the environment compared to the use of equivalent fossil fuel vehicles.

Toyota's pioneering hybrid technology forms the basis of Toyota's multiple electric vehicle strategy, including electric vehicles, cable-charged hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Hibya News Agency

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