Otokar Receives TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

otokar tse covid received safe production certificate
otokar tse covid received safe production certificate

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, has been entitled to receive the COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate issued by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) with the safe production practices and regulations it has implemented in its factory, which has been established in an area of ​​552 thousand square meters in Arifiye since the beginning of the Covid-19 process.

Turkey's leading automotive and defense industry company Otokar, Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) by the "Covidien-19 Safe Production Certificate" completed with success for all controls. Otokar has received a Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate from TSE in the automotive and defense industry fields, with the measures it has implemented since the first day of the Covid-19 pandemic in our country, the high hygiene measures it has taken in all areas for its employees and the practices that protect the health of all its stakeholders.

Otokar took measures in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and established a Coronavirus Advisory Center under the management of workplace physicians; TSE has been inspected in different areas such as production areas, offices, staff locker rooms and the suitability of the dining hall, and the controls of external service providers.

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