Here are the Latest Hybrid Members of the Ford Commercial Family

ist the newest hybrid members of ford commercial family
ist the newest hybrid members of ford commercial family

Turkey's leading commercial vehicles, Ford Transit family that affect the trade and Tourneo and Transit models in the segment of the Customer's first and only introduced the version with innovative and environmentally-friendly hybrid technology.

The new Ford Transit Van Hybrid, Transit Custom Hybrid and Tourneo Custom Hybrid drive the future of commercial life by promising up to 2.0% fuel savings without sacrificing performance with the new 23lt EcoBlue Hybrid diesel engine option.

Turkey's leading commercial vehicle, Ford customers will shape the future, it continues to bring innovative technologies. The popular members of the Ford commercial vehicle family, Transit, Tourneo Custom and Transit Custom, offer the advantage of fuel savings of up to 23% with the first and only hybrid models of its segment. Ford's leading commercial models produced in Turkey; While the Transit Van Hybrid and Transit Custom Van Hybrid are offered with the new 2.0lt EcoBlue Hybrid 170 PS diesel engine, Tourneo Custom Hybrid is waiting for its customers with the EcoBlue Hybrid 185 PS version with higher performance and higher traction power.

Ford's innovative Hybrid technology on commercial vehicle models features a secondary power supply, a 2.0 volt lithium-ion battery that supports the powerful, efficient and advanced 48L EcoBlue diesel engine. This battery does not activate your vehicle alone, it also supports the diesel engine and helps to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, it offers a more pleasant and efficient driving experience with its improved torque response at low speeds.

Offering an efficient and effortless driving experience to its user, state-of-the-art, advanced EcoBlue Hybrid engines are self-charging in two ways without the need for charging. Regenerative Brake feature allows the battery of the electric vehicle to be charged using the energy that occurs during braking and wasted, while the battery is charged by converting the mechanical energy into electricity thanks to the generator integrated into the engine. The EcoBlue Hybrid engine, which is presented as the first and only in its segment, provides additional fuel efficiency especially in stop-and-go situations in city traffic. When you stop at traffic lights or congested traffic, this technology can automatically shut down the engine. When you are ready to move, the system restarts the vehicle. The Auto Start-Stop feature, which provides fuel savings of up to 10% in heavy city traffic, fully meets the high efficiency expectations of the users.

Ford Transit Hybrid, Leader of Intelligent Trade, renewed with fuel saving advantage of up to 21%

With its hybrid technology, designed by Ford engineers for the first time in its segment, designed according to the demanding, practical conditions of commercial life, New Transit promises up to 170% fuel savings in city use thanks to its 2.0PS 21lt EcoBlue Hybrid diesel engine. It has the data of 6.8 lt / 100 km, and 6.5 lt / 100 km of fuel consumption * outside the city. New Transit Van Hybrid vehicles offered with trending equipment are offered as standard for electrically assisted steering, 8 ″ touch screen, speed control system and reversing camera for a more efficient and comfortable driving experience.

Award-winning Transit Custom Van Hybrid is waiting for customers with the highest level of comfort and technological features

Here zamKnown for its robustness, functionality and reliability, the 2020 International Commercial Vehicle of the Year (IVOTY) award-winning Transit Custom Van Hybrid promises fuel savings of up to 170% in urban use with its 2.0PS 17lt EcoBlue diesel engine hybrid versions. It has 6.2 lt / 100 km fuel consumption * for urban use and 6.1 lt / 100 km outside the city. As in Transit Van Hybrid vehicles, you can stay in touch with Turkish voice commands during the journey, thanks to the electric-assisted steering, speed control system, reversing camera and Ford SYNC 8 technology with 3 '' touch screen, which comes as standard with the hybrid version, so that you do not break away from the requirements of commercial life during the journey. provides. In addition, thanks to the Transit Custom's widest side loading door opening compared to other vehicles in its class, and its convenient and innovative load space length, it is possible to carry loads of 3-4 meters without hindering the use of the front passenger seats.

Tourneo Custom Hybrid: 2.0lt EcoBlue Hybrid 185PS engine option, 5.9 lt / 100 km fuel consumption in the city

Ford Tourneo Custom Hybrid with 2.0 lt EcoBlue engine, with its excellent material quality, meticulous workmanship and nine-passenger capacity, maximizes fuel efficiency and performance while reducing emissions. Tourneo Custom is available in 170PS version for higher performance and higher traction while carrying nine passengers and cargo, as well as a new 415 PS hybrid version with 185 Nm torque. Hybrid Tourneo Custom with 185PS 2.0 lt EcoBlue engine saves up to 23% fuel in urban use. It has the data of 5.9 lt / 100 km, 5.4 lt / 100 km of fuel consumption * outside the city. Awarded with 5 stars by Euro NCAP, Ford Tourneo Custom Hybrid turns trips into pleasure with over 30 seat configurations and advanced safety packages.

The new Ford Transit Van Hybrid is waiting for customers at Ford Authorized Dealers with recommended turnkey prices starting from 208.300 TL, Transit Custom Van Hybrid from 198.100 TL and Tourneo Custom Hybrid from 302.300 TL.

* Declared fuel consumption data has been determined according to the technical requirements and specifications of the latest European Regulations (EC) 715/2007 and (EU) 2017/1151. Approved using the Worldwide Compatible Light Commercial Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) will comply with WLTP fuel consumption and CO2 emissions information. WLTP will completely replace the NEDC by the end of 2020 at the latest. The standard test procedures implemented allow comparison between different vehicle types and different manufacturers. While NEDC is deactivated, WLTP fuel consumption and CO2 emission emission values ​​are converted to NEDC. Since some elements of the tests have changed, there will be some changes in the previous fuel consumption and emission emission values, that is, the same car may have different fuel consumption and CO2 emission emission values.

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