BMW X Family's Electric First Model BMW iX3 Ready to Go

bmwnin electric model new bmw ix ready to hit the road
bmwnin electric model new bmw ix ready to hit the road

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor of BMW, complete with emission-free driving pleasure and sporty flair of the BMW X3 BMW's unchanging versatile functionality and spaciousness.

The new BMW iX3, the first fully electric model of the BMW X family, stands out as the newest representative of BMW in the field of electric mobility. According to the 459-kilometer range WLTP by striking new BMW ix3, 2021 is preparing to meet in Turkey in the first quarter of ways.

Fifth Generation BMW eDrive Technology

The new BMW iX3, which will be produced at BMW's China plant, also reveals the fifth generation eDrive technology it hosts. Thanks to the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, an important improvement in electric motor, charging and high-voltage battery technologies can be achieved and the best levels of performance, efficiency and range can be achieved. The fifth generation BMW eDrive technology will be used in the BMW iNext and BMW i3 models in the coming period after the new BMW iX4.

The ultimate in high efficiency and performance

The electric motor of the new BMW iX3 has 30 percent more power density than BMW's fully electric current models as a result of the improvements made. The new power unit produces 290 hp maximum power and 400 Nm maximum torque, delivering performance that is worthy of BMW genes. This high power output can accelerate the new BMW iX3 from 6.8 to 0 km / h in 100 seconds. With its superior traction and maximum efficiency, the new BMW iX3 delivers legendary BMW driving pleasure at the peaks.

10 Kilometers Range with 100 Minutes Charge

With battery cell technology with the highest voltage and storage capacity ever used by BMW, the new BMW iX3 offers a range of 459 kilometers according to WLTP criteria and 520 kilometers according to NEDC test criteria. With the fifth generation eDrive technology, the new BMW iX3 reaches a range of about 10 kilometers in just 100 minutes, according to WLTP criteria, and reaches 34 percent charge capacity in 80 minutes at fast charging stations.

Sporty Driving and Superior Traction

Thanks to its slim, new generation high-voltage battery, the center of gravity is closer to 3 centimeters more than its brother, the BMW X7.5, and the New BMW iX3 promises a dynamic and superior grip. Thanks to the adaptive suspension offered as standard, the new BMW iX3 does not compromise safety and comfort even under variable road conditions. The familiar ARB traction system from the BMW i3 provides the New BMW iX3, a sports activity vehicle (SAV), with surprising traction even on soft surfaces.

Premium Ambience

The blue details used in both exterior and interior design emphasize the electric driving pleasure of the new BMW iX3. High-quality materials and stylishly designed surfaces create a premium interior ambiance, while the seats folded in 40:20:40 ratio offer the same spacious interior as the BMW X3. The 3-liter luggage volume of the new BMW iX510 goes up to 1.560 liters when the seats are folded.

BMW IconicSounds Electric equipment developed with Hans Zimmer is on display for the first time in the new BMW iX3. Adding more 'souls' to electric vehicles, BMW IconicSounds Electric can create impressive sound compositions when the new BMW iX3 is running or stopped.

Rich Standard Hardware

The new BMW iX3 distinguishes itself from its competitors with its rich standard equipment. LED Headlights, Automatic Air Conditioning / 3-Zone, Heated Front Seats, Acoustic Protection, Auto Open Tailgate, Panoramic Glass Roof, BMW Live Cockpit Professional, Driving Assistant Professional, Smartphone Interface, Wireless Charging / Connection System, Parking Assistant, Harman / Kardon Sound System and BMW IconicSounds Electric are offered as standard. In addition, 20-inch alloy wheels, sports or Vernasca leather upholstered seats, BMW Head-Up Display and Parking Assistant Plus are also optional options.

More '' Power of Choice ''

BMW, which will add another fully electric model to its product range with the new BMW iX3, realizes its electrification strategy step by step. Combining its versatility and robustness with all-electric driving pleasure without emissions, the new BMW iX3 is the first model of the brand to offer gasoline, diesel and fully electric engines. Continuing to produce solutions for the different needs of its users worldwide, BMW is one step closer to its target to reduce global CO2 emissions with the approach it calls "Choice Power".

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