Call for Vehicle Owners Who Will Fall on the Holidays 'Save with LPG'

Save the vehicle owners who will be on the road during the holiday with LPG LPG
Save the vehicle owners who will be on the road during the holiday with LPG LPG

The normalization process that started in our country and in the world will cause millions of people to postpone the roads during the Eid al-Adha. While social distance and hygiene rules remained important in the normalization process, it was observed that the owners of the car remained away from public transportation vehicles after the quarantine ended. During the holiday, car owners are expected to prefer their cars instead of public transportation. However, rising fuel prices make millions of vehicle owners think about going on a long journey. Drawing attention to the increasing use of private vehicles post-pandemic world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "While the use of individual vehicles along with the coronavirus, public transport, preferring car drivers due to savings against the rising prices, unfortunately, next to the virus risk faced. LPG is one of the options that will make life easier in the pandemic process as it is both environmentally and economically. LPG vehicles save 40 percent compared to gasoline cars. ”

The measures and suggestions taken during the pandemic process turned out to change our habits. Millions of car owners, who prefer private vehicles instead of public transportation due to the risk of viruses, turn to their cars for transportation, while increasing fuel prices continue to pose a problem for the consumer.

LPG is the world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer advocating both economically and is an environmentally friendly option brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "less solid particles according to the LPG other fossil fuels (PM) and carries carbon emissions. Vehicles with LPG save 40 percent compared to gasoline cars. In other words, while a vehicle travels an average of 100 kilometers with 250 TL gasoline, the same vehicle can take the same road with 60 TL LPG ”.


Underlining that LPG is the most economical option, Kadir Örücü said, “It is no longer a rational choice to use a diesel car with high initial cost and periodic maintenance costs, in which the fuel cost has an important place in the family economy. Whether your car is 15 thousand km, or 45 thousand km or more, the vehicle with LPG is much more economical than diesel. The account is in the middle. The smartest solution for those looking for economy after this point is to use LPG. Vehicle drivers complete the LPG conversion, as soon as they complete it can go the same way 40 percent cheaper. ”


Örücü, who concerns the drivers who will go on a long road and clarifies the judgment that 'LPG will damage the vehicle engine', “LPG does not harm the engine, it does not change the working principle of the vehicle. It is not possible for LPG to cause any damage to the vehicle when the products produced in accordance with the specified standard are used, when the conversion is performed at the services authorized by TSE and the maintenance of the LPG system is carried out periodically. The 'multi-point injection system' is used in most new generation vehicles. The sequential system used in the LPG conversion of these vehicles protects the engine of the LPG vehicle and extends its life. There is no loss of performance. The thermal value that LPG generates while burning is lower than gasoline. Therefore, vehicles with LPG get less heat than gasoline vehicles. Also, LPG produces less soot than other fossil fuels. For this reason, engine and engine oil life is extended, thereby benefiting both the consumer and the environment. ”


Speaking to the drivers who will fall on the roads during the holiday, Örücü said, “We lose thousands of lives since traffic rules are not observed every year. We want all our drivers to respect the traffic rules and comply with the speed limits during the holiday. ” Saying “Nice holidays without longing and quarantine,” said Kadir Örücü, “We wish a holiday in large tables where big families can come together and adults can spend time with their little ones.”

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