Yıldırım-3 Ağrı Mountain Operation Started in Ağrı-Iğdır-Kars Provinces

In order to remove the separatist terrorist organization completely from the country's agenda and to neutralize the terrorists considered to be in the region, the Yıldırım-3 Mount Ararat Operation was launched in Ağrı-Iğdır-Kars provinces.

In the operation in question, Erzurum Gendarmerie Regional Command in the referral and administration; 1.170 staff [(86) operational teams], consisting of the Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations (PÖH) and Security Guard teams.

The Lightning Operations, which are carried out for the complete elimination of terrorism domestically, continue successfully with the support of our people in a FAITH and STABLE manner.

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