New Toyota Yaris in Turkey in November

New Toyota contest november ayinda turkiyede
New Toyota contest november ayinda turkiyede

Toyota, the all-new fourth generation of the B-segment Yaris hybrid version of firsts, especially in Turkey is preparing to offer the market. Design language, comfort, innovative style and driving dynamics to a new class that goes beyond the Yaris will be sold in Turkey in November.

Designed to provide agile driving on crowded and busy city roads, the Yaris has the same zamoffers a spacious, comfortable and high-quality cabin within its compact dimensions. It manages to exceed the expectations of users with its connection technologies and high hardware levels.

New Yaris, built on Toyota's TNGA architecture, thus has better dynamics, lower center of gravity and better body strength. However, with the advantages of the new architecture, a more remarkable design, a more original identity and a stronger stance were revealed.

Toyota's fourth generation hybrid power unit was also featured in the new Yaris. The new generation hybrid engine provides lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. Especially in urban driving, the New Yaris, which drives more with zero emissions and can charge itself, like a 100 percent electric car, can travel without any worry of charging.

An extraordinary design to its segment

The fourth generation Toyota Yaris has been designed to meet the increasing expectations in everyday urban use. Offering a clever design, Toyota reduced the length of the Yaris by 5 mm and extended the wheelbase by 50 mm, contrary to the size of the vehicle growing with each generation in the segment. Thus, while the urban use and parking maneuvers of the vehicle are further improved, the same zamAt the moment, the cabin area also had a wide and spacious atmosphere.

With its GA-B platform, Yaris has reached a sportier profile by reducing its height by 40 mm. The new Yaris offers enough headroom for everyone by positioning the driver and passengers lower, while offering the same zamAt the moment, this seating arrangement paves the way for a better viewing angle. In addition, the increased width of the vehicle by 50 mm both provides a wider area and contributes to the Yaris to look more elegant on the road.

High technology in the cabin

The attractive lines in the exterior design of the New Yaris continue in the cabin. High quality materials, tactile quality and large living space reflect the feel of the upper segment cars.

With the Toyota Touch screen, the TFT multi-functional instrument display and the Color Up Display (Head Up Display) reflected on the windscreen, the driver is informed about the road and driving information without leaving the driver's focus on the road. Features such as the wireless smartphone charging feature and special ambience cabin lighting also make the New Yaris different.

More efficient power units

The new Toyota Yaris is preparing to offer its innovative engines in the fourth generation, as in every generation. The fourth generation Toyota Hybrid technology is lighter and more efficient, enabling Yaris to perform higher in every respect. The 1.5 Hybrid Dynamic Force system, owned by Toyota Yaris, was developed with technology taken from the Corolla, RAV4 and Camry models with larger engines. In the hybrid system used in the new Yaris; three cylinder variable valve zamThere is a 1.5 liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine. Developed to suit European roads, Yaris' overall efficiency was increased by 20 percent, and the system power was increased by 16 percent, reaching 116 HP.

Yaris, which can only reach 130 km / h when driving with an electric motor, can use its electric motor more on city roads. While CO2 emission in the vehicle was reduced to 85 g / km, fuel consumption was improved to 20 lt / 3.7 km in the WLTP cycle, improving by 100 percent.

Toyota aims to build world's safest B segment car

Toyota zamIn line with its philosophy of moving forward, Toyota Safety Sense has included the most advanced active safety systems ever in the New Yaris.

In addition to the driver's assistants, the new Yaris will feature the first central airbag in its segment for increased passenger protection in side collisions.

With the increased body strength and safety systems brought by the GA-B platform, Toyota aimed to make the world's safest B segment car with the New Yaris.

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