Technical Staff for Domestic Cars to Leave BUU

technical staff will leave here for domestic cars
technical staff will leave here for domestic cars

Applications made by BUU to the Higher Education Council for the new term are decided by the General Assembly meetings. In this context, 60 students for the Faculty of Dentistry, which will be opened for the first time, 60 for the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Department of Physiotherapy, 40 for the İnegöl MYO First and Emergency Aid Program, 40 for the Technical Sciences Vocational High School Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology Program, Art of Tile Art and Design of Iznik 20 student quotas were given for the program and 20 for Harmancık MYO Furniture and Decoration Program. YÖK will continue to share the quota for the departments and programs remaining in the coming days with the University administration.


Rector of BUU who made evaluations about determination of quota numbers. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide, Turkey's most important universities are located between the scientific and academic development of the Uludag University said it continued to open new chapters. Rector Prof. Dr. pointed out that the Faculty of Dentistry will provide serious convenience not only for the city but also for the people of the region. Dr. A. Saim Guide; “Unfortunately, no dental faculty has been established in any of the provinces of Bilecik, Bursa, Balıkesir and Çanakkale. The faculty of our university, which exists on paper, has not been put into operation until now. Thank you, we are opening our Faculty of Dentistry to education, with the support of our city's politicians and bureaucrats. I wish it good luck to our university, our city and our region. ”


One of the first programs to be opened at the university was the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Technology Program of the Technical Sciences Vocational School. After the announcement that the domestic car will be produced in Bursa, Rector Guide emphasized that they started the initiatives to open this program in order to train personnel equipped with electric vehicle technologies and hybrid vehicles and that they managed to train them for the new period. Noting that they aim to leave Bursa Uludağ University, the personnel who are equipped and educated about the automotive technologies of the future; “We have been providing high level education with the Automotive Engineering Department in our Engineering Faculty for many years. In addition, our Vocational School of Technical Sciences works very efficiently to train qualified and qualified technical personnel for the sector. As a university, zamWe follow current technologies at the moment and strive to provide education in this direction. The fact that the domestic car is electric and hybrid vehicles will gain importance in the future have prompted us to give these trainings. We succeeded in opening a Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Technology Program within the vocational school with the infrastructure studies and applications we made. Specially for this program, we will establish a highly equipped laboratory. Our work on that subject continues, ”he said.

Rector of BUU Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide underlined that all the departments and programs whose quotas are determined are for the sectors that will add value to the national economy.

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