KORHAN Weapon System

KORHAN 35 mm Weapon System was developed by ASELSAN with national facilities in order to increase the capabilities and capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces, by utilizing the most advanced technological facilities to meet today's battlefield needs.

KORHAN is a new generation armored combat system with high firepower, equipped with advanced target detection and tracking systems, which can provide the highest level of user and system survival with the latest technology self-protection systems and environmental awareness systems. Thanks to its open and extensible architecture, updates and additions for the needs that will arise in the future will also be applied to the system with national facilities.

In addition to the crawler and tactical wheel configurations of the KORHAN system, there are also amphibious configurations in line with the requirement for swimming in the water.

In the KORHAN system, 35 mm cannon with high rate of fire is used as the main weapon. The production of the ball in question is carried out by the MKE Institution with national facilities. The KORHAN system is also capable of using 35 mm Particle Ammunition developed domestically by ASELSAN and produced domestically without any external dependency. 100 ammunition for the main gun is available in the gun tower and 200 spare ammunition is stored in the vehicle. The loading of the spare ammunition to the gun tower is done under the armor protection and inside the vehicle. The system also has a 7.62-mm machine gun placed in the same firing line mechanic as the main weapon for self-defense against close threats from the land.

KORHAN has a high level of effectiveness against the targets behind the mileage by using intelligent ammunition as well as neutralizing the armored and light armored land elements. The KORHAN system is also capable of self-defense against helicopters, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles that pose a threat to it.

The automatic bandless ammunition feeding mechanism developed by ASELSAN allows the selection of ammunition suitable for the threat type and disposal. Armor-piercing, anti-personnel, air-targeted or destructive ammunition types can be loaded into the weapon system according to the operational needs, and cost-effective use is provided by choosing ammunition suitable for the threat type during the battle.

KORHAN System has high survivability thanks to laser detection and warning systems (LUS), active self-protection system "AKKOR", composite or ceramic modular armor protection and fog mortars. Full domination of the combat area with a panoramic vision system (YAMGÖZ) that provides 360 degrees of environmental awareness, weapon-dependent gunner and independent commander sight systems, combat area recognition identification system (MSTTS) and satellite type Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MİHA) that will function as an integrated weapon system. and will give an advantage over the enemy. Thanks to the Sniper Location Detection System (AYHTS), KORHAN System will be able to automatically steer and neutralize the threat, especially in residential areas, by detecting the direction of the threat.

KORHAN has an Ambush Mode where it can operate silently for a long time in a position close to the enemy line. While in this mode, the components that make noise in the vehicle (external power unit, vehicle engine, etc.) are not operated and while the system is in this mode, it consumes as little energy as possible because it cannot be fed from external power sources. In ambush mode, only essential units (such as environmental awareness) are powered and those that are not required are kept in sleep mode. The system can exit this mode very quickly when necessary and respond to the threat.

When the mission critical status of the system is evaluated, the ease of maintenance / repair, the use of common modular units to be developed interchangeably and the reduction of repair times (MTTR) by sharing the spare needs were also prioritized in the system design.

Source: savunmasanayist

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