Bursa City Hospital Subway Will Go From Underground to Underground, Not From Underground

AK Party Bursa during the deputies' visit “Our President asked me to finish the Bursa high speed train and the extension of the subway to the City Hospital” she's Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu 'The statement of brought new developments.

For example, from previous comments the aboveground 5.5 kilometers known to go Bursaray Emek-Şehir Hospital of the line underground It turned out that he would go and make 3 stations.

AK Party Bursa Deputy Dr, Mustafa Esgin involved in the project station locations also explained.

“There are 5.5 kilometers and even 3 underground stations to extend Bursaray to the City Hospital. The first one is in front of Özdilek at the entrance of the Passage. The second is the Gateway Station in front of the mosque. ”

He continued:

“There will be a High Speed ​​Train Station on the left turn from the high speed train viaduct. The last station is in front of the City Hospital. ”

He added:

“It will pass under the highway and come to the storage area. In the future, this may be a station. ”

Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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